ipv6 allocation script ???

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    hi all,

    Ive been allocated a /48 block of ipv6 addresses (1208925819614629174706176 to be exact! :eek: :D ) and wondered if anyone knew of an allocation script i could use with ispconfig3? or could point me in the right direction to make one.

    I see it as being when a client joins my services a script is fired and assigns 4 ipv6 address for instance.

    the assigned addresses are stored with the clients name and/or client id and available for them to use in the control panel.

    ive also broken it down into /56 and /64
  2. ginner159

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    over 250 views can no one help? or would this be better as a module?
  3. till

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    you can add the ip addresses in ispconfig with the remote api. the function is named:

    server_ip_add($session_id, $client_id, $params)
  4. ginner159

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    Oh of course! That would be better. Guessing that if a client is is passed only they can use it?
  5. till

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    You can assign the IP addresses to a client in the same way as if you would add them in the ispconfig interface.
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