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Discussion in 'General' started by neutrino, Jan 19, 2011.

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    Since there won't be any available IPV4 IPs in the next 4-5 month I wondered if Ispconfig was ready for the change and if so, is there a topic talking about IPV4 => IPV6 migration ?


  2. till

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    Please see here for the current implementation status:


    But its not the case that no ipv4 addresses will be available anymore in 4-5 months to enduers or hosters, as far as I know, in 4-5 months the last large chunks of IP addresses will be delegated to the country ripe / registries. So there will be no new addresses available anymore, but carriers and the country ripes ahv still a stock of IP's and reuse also blocks of IP's. E.g. here in germany, most enduser internet connections do not even support ipv6. So running a server on a ipv6 address would currently mean that a few percent of the users worldwide can access the server.
  3. Norman

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    IPv4 last grab is already starting to happen.

    When the last /8 is grabbed by each LIR they will only be able to request a final and last /22 if their request reasons are met no matter if they have a valid reason to grab a larger netblock.

    IPv6 is definately something that should be given highest priority and ISPConfig should be among the largest supporters of it if you want to grab a fair share of a new market opening up (namely, IPV6 conversions).
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    Agreed. ipv6 support is a must and should be given priority.

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