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Discussion in 'General' started by VHS, May 26, 2020.

  1. VHS

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    Today I made a test installing a wordpress app on ISPConfig (3.1.15) using the APS Installer, but for my surprise the WP version is 5.2.3.
    I have tried to clean the cache, update the list again, but is the resulted is the same.

    Look like the apscatalog is not update. So, my question is if the installing softwares via APS Installer is valid or not on ISPConfig ???

    Thanks and attentive.
  2. till

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    APS is valid and working, but apscatalog is EOL, they stopped updating packages. We will remove the APS installer from ISPConfig in one of the next releases as it does not make sense to keep it without an up to date package source. And that's not ISPConfig related btw, APS is EOL for all panels.
  3. VHS

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    yes.. I know (or suspected) that is the APS problem, but my question was more like, why ISPConfig still have it enabled !!!!
    Anyway, so sad that don't exists an alternative to aspcatalog, the idea was good.


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