Is the hosts part needed

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  1. Jinx13

    Jinx13 New Member

    Hello, I am following the guide HERE to setup my own webserver.

    What I want is to setup the webserver and ISPConfig 3 and then add my sites that way.

    I'm stuck here..

    Is the IP of my machine? So I would edit it to
    Also is this part really nesessary since I do not want to configure a domain at this time?

    I have a static external IP which points to my webserver after configuring my NAT router.

    Or can I edit these parts once I am set up and ready to point my domain?

    Thank you
  2. srijan

    srijan New Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Yes, it need to be done
  3. Jinx13

    Jinx13 New Member

    Thank you, I am having a little trouble.

    I am behind a NAT router but everytime I try to configure that file I loose internet connection.

    I must be putting wrong IP addresses in or something.

    I have configured my router and have a static IP address. My computer is assigned a static IP address everytime from my router

    My public IP is 212.159.**.** which points to my server computer and I have opened the necessary ports.

    By my original understanding I wanted my server and then ISP config to manage my sites so am I needed to enter a domain at this time?

    Thanks for your reply

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