Is there a GUI for Ubuntu 10.10 Server

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by idsinc, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. idsinc

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    Is there a GUI for Ubuntu 10.10 Server that behaves like a desktop?

    I just want to run a browser on the Server, actually, to be able to run some tests, and to be able to communicate with the internet (allowing copy/paste routines) when necessary.

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  3. zcworld

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    to copy and paste stuff over to the server is easy via SSH

    running any type of GUI on an server box is a bad thing, its eats up memory and disk space that could be used for other stuff on your server

    but you can use like lynx browser for text level viewing of websites and stuff
  4. alleks

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    This should do
    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop
    But c'mon man, don't freak me out here... why the hack would you install a desktop on a ubuntu * server, what tests you need to run that you can't run with a pc on the same lan as the server to see if it works? I just don't get it.

    Maybe would be better to install Ubuntu Dekstop, or Debian with a GUI than install a server distribution and then a gui for it.

    I'm just sayin.
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    I'm wrecked with windows brainwashing. I'm trying to wrap my head around how to do this in linux (server based), and I guess I'm being impatient. Everything is easier with windows, but I am trying to get away from it too. I haven't installed a desktop or any GUI stuff on it yet... I am very reluctant to do so, for the exact reasons you've stated.

    I'm having difficulty with such simple concepts as formatting a drive. I have another thread going on that subject. HowToForum I guess I'm just getting frustrated, because I'm not Linux proficient. I'm irritated with myself. :eek:

    It's my first time setting up a Linux server, and it has been a long process. I don't have a time crunch, but I wish I could get through things faster :(
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    Sorry mate, didn't want to sound so dramatic :D. Well don't worry, I've been trough there 2... when I first started where I actually work, I had a very basic Linux knowledge, what I mean is that don't rush into things.

    Few advices:
    • Install a Virtualization technology on your windows pc or even Linux
    • create a new Linux machine (what ever distro you prefer)
    • when you have the clean installation up and running, make a snapshot so in case of anything you have a backup
    • go start experiment in there

    Another thing,
    For the begging stick with 1 linux master distribution (for example Debian, because learning to use Debian you will know how to use any of it's child distribution)

    Once you get the hand of it, go ahead expand and not only to other linux distros but to other OSs (FreeBSD, OpenSolaris) and of course they're child distros also, they all have something to teach you.

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