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Discussion in 'General' started by adamjedgar, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. adamjedgar

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    Hi guys,
    I have been trialling a number of hosting panels and billing platforms.
    2 questions...
    1. Can ispconfig billing module also automate the process for new customers registering and account and also purchasing hostingservices? (i am looking for the ability to automatically deploy/updgrade/downgrade hosting services, and suspend them, using billing software in the same way whmcs does it)

    2. In the event that the billing module cannot auto deploy services after a customer purchases them, does box billing work with ispconfig?(someone said that whmcs does hence i ask about box billing)

    kind regards
  2. webguyz

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    I can't answer your question but a quick google search of 'How to exit Emergency mode' turned up numerous hits. This is a Linux problem and not an ispconfig problem. Try Google search while your waiting for a reply.
  3. till

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    The billing Module has an API so you can integrate it into your website and the API can also be used to deploy websites, but there is no ready made frontend.
  4. adamjedgar

    adamjedgar Member

    I am looking for an alternative to whm cpanel + whmcs. Can ispconfig do this or not?

    Your website says that it can, but im reading into qhat you are saying that it cannot without additional API programming even with your own modules?

    I am after a system that installs and just works...and is secure obviously. I am not particularly happy with whmcs, hence my looking for an alternative. My business as been as a reseller up to this point and i want to break free of that model. I need an option that wont be prohibitively costly that can be scaled as my client list increases.

    I am trialling the following looking for a 1 stop shop...

    Ispconfig looks like a well developed product when compared wity the others...i was i am confused.

    If i used ispconfig modules, can a customer register, choose a product/service, make a payment, and the ispconfig solution auto deploy once a payment has been processed? (Out of the without me needing to pay a programmer to intengrate all the mdules so they work i this way)

    Knd regards
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Where do we say that the iSPConfig billing module is a shop frontend replacement for WHMCS? I don't see that anywhere at

    The ISPConfig Billing module is a Billing solution for Internet services providers which which targets ISP's that have their own custom website and it offers an integrated user experience to the clients which WHMCS can not offer. If you have your own website, then you can integrate the billing solution into your order process by using the API.

    WHMCS is more or less a shop software / Frontend with an API to various controlpanels incl. ISPConfig. Due to it's target audience, it offers just a subset of the available functions of all control panels and it can not offer a integrated user experience with any of the supported control panels.

    According to your post, you are not seeking to have your own custom website, instead you plan to sell just a few websites by using a non custom standard shop frontend. In that case, better use ISPConfig with the free WHMCS plugin instead of the Billing Module as the Billing module is made for customized larger installs.
  6. adamjedgar

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    Hi till,
    You have explained exactly what i dont like about always looks like an addon unless one wants to head into the backend and rewrite the themes. I purchased a theme for it a while back only to find half the supposed theme functionality didnt exist...just pretty pictures inserted that did nothing. I then spent hours rewriting it myself...even after this, it still looked like an addon which did not genuinely match my website ecommerce store. Sure i got the API working with my reseller account but i was never happy with it. I want something better but i dont have unlimited budget. Ideally i want to have my expenditure grow with my business.

    My intention was Wordpress+Woocommerce, customer billing+deployment automation manager, google cloud compute instance/s for shared hosting, email services and eventually sell pretemplated google cloud vm instance packages as well.

    I want one click installer such as softaculous and a few other common cpanel options too.

    I need to look in depth at API integration. Whislt i can deploy and configure servers and build websites, I am not a software engineer. My programming knowledge is limited.

    I think my solution is to use Boxbilling with either ISPConfig or a competitor product.
    I apologise for my lack of understanding, however, ISPConfig is partly to blame for that...what potential customer is going to first "buy the manual" in order to find out if the product is suitable for their needs. You guys really need to rethink that strategy.

    I would like to add however, because the product interface looks so very professional, i have taken the plunge and purchased the manual. I am hoping it is worth it!
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