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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Vince240986, Nov 14, 2016.

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    I'm currently on a dedicated server with ISP Config 3.1 installed on Debian 8. This is not the first dedicated server I deploy and so far I have never had any problems (with ISP Config to 3.0.x) .

    Indeed, I have two domain names at ( and

    When installing the first site, no problem. The worry occurred when the second site was set up.In ISP Config, I created everything necessary for each website (a client, with a site, a user FTP and DB, separate for the 2 websites).
    When I activate the second website (, the latter takes the place of the first "via a kind of forced redirection".
    That is to say that when I type, I land on (which is not very practical ^^). In ISP Config I therefore disabled which allows to work.

    This is the first time I've encountered this phenomenon (I've always had several sites on a dedicated and never had such a problem).
    I rebooted the machine, restarted the services, nothing done.
    Thank you in advance for your help.
  2. Jesse Norell

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    You probably set site1's ip address to '*' and site2's address to the actual ip; make them both consistent.
  3. Vince240986

    Vince240986 New Member

    Yes that's it ! Thank you so much for your help ! Have a nice day !

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