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Discussion in 'General' started by Grizzly, Aug 14, 2006.

  1. Grizzly

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    quick explanation

    Have smoothwall installed with Multiple IP Addresses v1.1 SmoothWall Mod from and Full Firewall Control

    smoothie has 3 NIC
    1st NIC"RED" connected to router with external static ip from ISP
    2nd NIC"ORANGE" connected to SuSe10 BOX w/ ISPconfig nl.
    3rd NIC"GREEN" connected to sme server centos4 w/ ip

    sme server has 2 NIC 1 for external nl and 1 internal nl providing nat and gateway to lan.

    I then added another external static IP from my ISP to the red interface using Multiple IP Addresses v1.1 SmoothWall Mod and forwarded all the relevant ports to on my green interface voila it works 100 % users from the internet can open site hosted on my sme server.

    I then went and added a 3rd external static IP from my ISP to the red
    interface and did the same forwarding the relavant ports to my suse box on the orange network. Problem

    Users on my local lan nl can open sites hosted on the orange network but users from the internet cannot.

    Note: my suse10 box w ISPconfig use to be directly connected to my router with its own static IP from ISP. I had to change the IP's on the suse box and in ISPconfig to get it to work as mentioned above but no matter what i try I cant get the sites to open from external.

    This has boggled me a bit anyone have any ideas.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. falko

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    Isn't orange a DMZ? Then you don't need to forward ports.

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