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    My early working ISP-Server Setup - Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger".

    This installation is just for my personal sites, more changes are to come.

    After a week of different attempts, email finally works. Although adjustments are still needed.

    I am posting this for my own reference and maybe it will help someone else out.

    It's not perfect but things work for now.

    Setup details:

    I like Ubuntu

    godaddy for registered domain names
    Behind a linksys router using NAT
    Dynamic IP from my ISP
    installed DDclient
    Using zoneedit for dns and mail services

    Using the installation from ISP-Server Setup - Ubuntu 5.10 "Breezy Badger"

    I followed the directions but just prior to installing ISPConfig I imaged the drive for a quick restore just in case things didn't work out. Used acronis for this part. It helps to quickly restore a hard drive after something blows up in my face.

    During the ISPConfig installation option I chose:

    Please enter the host name: www
    Please enter the domain:

    I chose this option, so I could access just one site to make ispconfig changes.

    Finished the installation.

    Linksys forwarding ports. For tesing purposes, on the router, set the server IP on the DMZ.

    In godaddy set the nameservers to zoneedit's name servers

    zoneedit setups

    set the A record to both and

    setup zoneedit MX
    Mail Servers (MX)
    MailServer field:
    Mail Destination field:

    I left rank alone set to 1.

    ddclient configuratoin:

    ddclient.conf file contains

    #use=if, if=web
    use=web,, web-skip='IP Address'

    I will be changing the to something else since I'm not using their service. Hopefully I'll be able to check the IP from my linksys router.

    In ispconfig:

    Management -> Services -> Turn off DNS Server

    Tools -> Portscanner
    Scan the ports.
    On the router forward the ports to the server's IP. Take server off the DMZ.
    Also looking into keeping it on the DMZ and enabling the firewall.
    Management -> Services -> Turn on Firewall

    Management -> Settings -> Server Tab
    IP Address is the IP of the server

    Management -> Settings -> EMail Tab
    Maildir: is checked.

    Management -> Settings -> DNS Tab
    Default Ns1: this is the IP of my ISP
    Default Ns2: this is the IP of my ISP
    I got this from the Status Tab of my router.
    Default MX: is unchecked

    One big headache was that my ISP it seems that my ISP does not update their DNS records quickly. Even after the web site would come up e-mail would not go through, it would bounce back as undeliverable. However, when I sent an e-mail from google or hotmail it went through right away. So after waiting another day, e-mail started going through from my ISP.

    Downloaded and installed webmail package from the ispconfig site.

    I just created one client to hold all the sites.
    Creating a site in ispconfig:
    Made sure Create DNS: is unchecked

    For the new site:
    ISP Manager -> new site -> Co-Domains -> Click the IP ( which is the local IP of my server ) -> Create DNS: unchecked -> Create DNS MX: unchecked

    I test e-mail using Outlook Express
    For server information the Incoming mail (POP3) is I think it can also be

    For Outgoing mail (SMTP) is

    I had to request from my IPS to allow e-mail to be sent from my IP on port 25.

    That was it.

    In the future I may going re-install ispconfig and enter the local IP for the domain name. Then create one client and use the client to create the domains as a reseller. Maybe it will work better for me.

    Important links I used:
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