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    Ok this was covered in parts with another thread but this extends that thread a little bit.

    1) Setup new suse 10 64 bit install with a server name of with two public static ips...... ( that is pretty simple )

    2) sign up to be a domain registrar allowing me to buy domain names for my customers, which requires me to enter at least one name server, which I enter as ( and point it to one of my static ips, ideally the first one.

    i) Is there any problems with the above set of instructions

    ii) the name of my server in (1) and the ns name in (2) does not have to be the same.... right???

    iii) Do I need to change anything or set anything else up on my server for this all to work as a fully working domain registration and hosting server.

    Thanks in advance
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    I dont see any problems with that.

    Generally you can use also the hostanme as nameserver. But when your server business grows, you might want to have an dedicated nameserver later. and then ist easier if you have ns1.. ns2.. ns3.. server names that you can point to any server.


    Normally the primary and secondary nameserver shall not be on the same server. But for this scenario you need 2 servers and use the secondary DNS function in the ISPConfig DNS manager.
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