ISPc with frontal and specialized work for PC servers

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    Firstly, sorry to mind you.

    I would like to know if the following idea could be done and how if possible.

    Network :
    - 1 loadbalancer Gateway with two differents IPv4 (Cisco RV084) or IPv6
    - "n" domain FQDN

    Servers :
    - - 1 PC (frontal) with ISPc v2
    - - 1 PC dedcicated to postfix salsdaemon imap
    - - 1 or n PC dedicated to Apache 2 and ftp
    - - 1 pc dedicated to mySQL and web log files
    - - 1 NAS for backup (maybe a synology 209+ 2x1T)

    This idea is born next to some problems on my personnal ISPconfig 2 server :
    - Web log files too big since 2008
    - trouble on postfix due an faulty hard driver (wd raptor speed UDMA 33bit/s)
    - too many request on mySQL server (db tunning is not enought)

    The main trouble is how to indicate the correct ip of the various servers from ISPc panel. It s already possible with ISPConfig v.2 ?

    If you can help me to solve this point, that will be really interesting :)
    Sorry for my english, I still have to work this point :)
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    You can do this with ispconfoig 3 because it is a multiserver control panel. ispconfig 2 is a single server control panel and does not support to split services to different servers.

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