ISPConfig 3.1.1 OpenVZ error "IP address is empty" when edit container

Discussion in 'General' started by WebCMS, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. WebCMS

    WebCMS New Member

    i'have upgrade an ISPConfig multi-servers installation to 3.1.1
    After this, when i want to edit a OpenVZ container, the IP Field was empty, no IPs are available in the dropdown field and an error occurred when i save the container or change tab.
    NB: the container was created before the upgrade.
    Error :
    1. IP address is empty.
  2. Greenhorn2013

    Greenhorn2013 Member

    I have the same error, do you have a solution?
  3. WebCMS

    WebCMS New Member

    i found a "solution":

    edit the file openvz_vm_edit.php
    vi /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/vm/openvz_vm_edit.php

    line 166 / 167
    uncomment the line
    $vm_server_id = $app->functions->intval($this->dataRecord["server_id"]);

    comment the next line
    $vm_server_id = $app->functions->intval($this->dataRecord["vm_id"]);

    the code will be like that
    //* Fill the IPv4 select field with the IP addresses that are allowed for this client
    //$sql = "SELECT ip_address FROM server_ip WHERE server_id = ".$client['default_webserver']." AND ip_type = 'IPv4' AND (client_id = 0 OR client_id=".$_SESSION['s']['user']['client_id'].")";
    if(isset($this->dataRecord["server_id"])) {
    $vm_server_id = $app->functions->intval($this->dataRecord["server_id"]);
    // $vm_server_id = $app->functions->intval($this->dataRecord["vm_id"]);
    } else {
    $tmp = $app->db->queryOneRecord('SELECT server_id FROM server WHERE vserver_server = 1 AND mirror_server_id = 0 ORDER BY server_name LIMIT 0,1');
    $vm_server_id = $app->functions->intval($tmp['server_id']);

    hope this help others.

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