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Discussion in 'General' started by gaialabs, May 19, 2018.

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    I'm using ISPConfig version 3.1.11 on Debian Jessie.

    I upgraded from ISPConfig from version 3.0.x to 3.1.11 and beside this upgraded Debian from Wheezy to Jessie.
    Everything went very well after resyncing all the configuration to match new version of Apache2.
    However one week after the upgrade to 3.1.11 I noticed a change in the DNS configuration in ISPConfig.
    Until version 3.0.x I was able (and my customers too) to create a new DNS zone by specifying the domain name manually. It seems that since version 3.1.11 you have to create the domain first, and then you can create a zone by selecting the domain.

    When running version 3.0.x some of our customers configured DNS zones without associating with domains created in ISPConfig/Customers/Domains. After the upgrade to 3.1.11, once you edit these zones, as it can't find the domain, it simply deletes the zone ! This is quite an issue as a customer lost two of his domains because of this. Hopefully we're able to get the zones back from the backup.

    So, with version 3.1.11, as it seems customers can't create domains, they can't create DNS zones by themselves. Do you confirm that this is a change from version 3.0 to version 3.1 ? Or am I doing/understanding something wrong ?

    Thanks for your help,
    kind regards.
  2. till

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    You enabled the domain module and that's why customers can't create domains. If you want to allow your customers to add domains themselves, then do not enable the domain module. The domain module can be enabled and disabled under system > interface > main config.

    There was a bug in ISPConfig 3.0 which allowed users to add a DNS zone even when the domain module was on, this was not intended of course as it renders the whole domain module useless, and this was fixed in ISPConfig 3.1. So when you have turned the domain module on, then only the admin can add domains for the customers and resellers can do that if you enabled this feature for the reseller but no client can do that. And customers can, of course, create dns zones themselves, for domains that you assigned to them when you have the domain module enabled or for any domain if the domain module is off.
  3. gaialabs

    gaialabs New Member

    Hi till,

    It was exactly the issue. Didn't notice the bug before updating, and then as this option was activated, the possibility to add a DNS zone manually wasn't possible anymore. And then DNS zones were kind of orphan and I suppose that the configuration of the zones weren't deleted, but just not recreated by the cron.

    Thank you very much for your explanation.

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