ISPConfig 3.1dev + Ubuntu 16.04 + Apache2 + Postfix + SpamAssassin + Dovecot and RSPAM not working

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  1. Hello Guys
    I have almost 5 years background using ISPConfig and the Ubuntu Server with the following Services (LAMP + Postfix + SpamAssassin + Dovecot + CSF)
    Ubuntu 16.04 (reinstalled 2019 January)
    + POSTFIX 3.1.0
    + dovecot 2.2.22 (fe789d2)
    + mysql Ver 15.1 Distrib 10.0.38-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) using readline 5.2
    + Server version: Apache/2.4.18 (Ubuntu) / Server built: 2019-04-03T13:34:47
    and the server is updated daily basis with security updates.

    After a few years using SpamAssassin + Postgrey + PostScreen i am still having a "dilema" using the hardest rules to block most of spams cause denying real expected emails from not spammers....false positive....
    and in the opposite reducing rules many spams reach our emails mailboxes...
    After many years using and missing a real good Anti-Spam WEB Panel UI with statistics and etc, i've tested many alternatives like MailScanner etc and got not satisfied....finally i've found very good recomendations to adopt RSPAMD, what caused me a real good impression, as also a good WEB UI with Statistics....soo i've took the decision to install it....made all the backups about my server.....and followed the RSPAMD official website and the instructions to install it with postfix:

    After following all the instructions Rspamd Service show service status ok and running but i still missing the following:
    a) I can't acess the WEB GUI, of course, i do have a vhost for it also...
    Anyone has the vhost to use it?
    b) RSPAMD is not logging at /var/log/mail.log, soo seems to be not working..
    c) Looking at nmap i am not seeing 11334 as the port that WEB GUI should be listenning
    d) After apply the instructions ( to connect postfix and rspamd that uses ports 11332, 11333, i am seeing:
    ps -ef | grep rspamd
    _rspamd 12549 1 0 15:59 ? 00:00:01 rspamd: main process
    _rspamd 12555 12549 0 15:59 ? 00:00:00 rspamd: rspamd_proxy process (localhost:11332)
    _rspamd 12556 12549 0 15:59 ? 00:00:01 rspamd: controller process (localhost:11333)
    _rspamd 12557 12549 0 15:59 ? 00:00:00 rspamd: normal process (localhost:11333)
    _rspamd 12558 12549 0 15:59 ? 00:00:00 rspamd: hs_helper process

    Additional information:
    Following the tutorial as follow....
    They mentionned to add to an existant .vhost the following:
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteRule ^/rspamd/(.*)$1 [P,L]
    <Location /rspamd>
    Options FollowSymLinks
    Require all granted
    BUT HAD NO EFFECT, probably because nmap localhost do not shows the port 11334 as LISTEN.
    also took a look over it, but seems to do not solve the problem properly:!topic/rspamd/9SvyYfV1Dnc

    Could you please guys help me with a good instructions page or your own suggestions to solve it.
    BTW: I am aware that ISPConfig 3.2 will have RSPAMD, but i can't wait the new version, even because i think that will be a good opportunity to create a new server with Ubuntu 18.04 and migrate all my websites and vmails.... what will be bigger workload...
    Best Regards in advance!
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