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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by quadraticone, Jul 31, 2016.

  1. quadraticone

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    I know this has been asked before but most of the answers are for really old versions of ISPconfig3 or the op abandoned the thread. I am trying to set up a server with this tutorial:

    on lunanode. With some tweaking I was able to get through the tutorial without error on a virtualbox instance and on lunanode. I have the domain registered on and would like pointed to x.x.x.x ip of my server and any other domains hosted can add and have it resolved to the same server. With DNS settings in lunanode, ispconfig, and, I am completely clueless how to accomplish that setup. The only way I got to resolve correctly was using nameservers and A entries for www/@, mail to ip and MX entry to I still was only able to send mail to the internet and not receive it.

    Completely lost.
  2. quadraticone

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    I've got this solved with the basic dns settings documentation and getting a first website setup on the isp config website.

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