ISPconfig 3 Autoinstaller script

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    The certificate when going to https site is Vigor Draytek. What device is that?
    Examine yourself the certificate shown (in browser, click the icon in left of address bar). If I ignore the security warning and continue, I end up in Vigor Draytek login page.
  2. mrbronz

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    Good morning Talenam,
    Well spotted. Indeed, it was my router not allowing SSL to get through. Although I had changed the router port so it would not collide, it was not working. Having spoken to Draytek this morning about a glitch in their firmware that had been fixed by a firmware update.
    Anyway, the short story is it's now working.

    I will give you the heads up on how the DNS was eventually fixed so you will have a record if anyone elts get a similar issue.

    Once again, many thanks to you all.
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