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  1. Mouton

    Mouton New Member

    I quickly wrote this small plugin to create awstats config file automatically (base on the ISPconfig 2 plugin)
    It really needs improvement and automation but that's a start for whoever has time to write more about it...
    Do not hesitate to improve or fix it....

    PS: congrats for the 3.0.1 version !

    Just paste the following code in a file in the plugins-available directory.

    class awstats_plugin {
            var $plugin_name = 'awstats_plugin';
            var $class_name  = 'awstats_plugin';
            //* This function is called during ispconfig installation to determine
            //  if a symlink shall be created for this plugin.
            function onInstall() {
                    global $conf;
                    if(@$conf['services']['awstats'] == true) {
                            return true;
                    } else {
                            return false;
                    This function is called when the plugin is loaded
            function onLoad() {
                    global $app;
                    Register for the events
                    //* Mail Domains
            function user_insert($event_name,$data) {
                    // TODO: handle users for awstats access
            function user_update($event_name,$data) {
                    // TODO: handle users for awstats access
            function user_delete($event_name,$data) {
                    // TODO: handle users for awstats access
            function domain_update($event_name,$data) {
                    global $app, $conf;
                    $this->domain_insert($event_name, $data);
            function domain_insert($event_name,$data) {
                    global $app, $conf;
                    if([email protected]_file("/etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["new"]["domain"].".conf") || ($data["old"]["domain"] != '' && $data["new"]["domain"] != $data["old"]["domain"])) {
                            if ( @is_file("/etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["old"]["domain"].".conf") )
                                     exec("rm -f /etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["old"]["domain"].".conf");
                            exec( "echo 'Include \"/etc/awstats/awstats.conf\"' > /etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["new"]["domain"].".conf" );
                            exec( "echo 'LogFile=\"/var/log/ispconfig/httpd/".$data["new"]["domain"]."/access.log\"' >> /etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["new"]["domain"].".conf" );
                            exec( "echo 'SiteDomain=\"".$data["new"]["domain"]."\"' >> /etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["new"]["domain"].".conf");
                            // exec( "echo 'AllowAccessFromWebToFollowingAuthenticatedUsers=\"".$ht_user_list."\"' >> /etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["new"]["domain"].".conf");
            function domain_delete($event_name,$data) {
                    global $app, $conf;
                    if($data["old"]["domain"] != '' ) {
                            if ( @is_file("/etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["old"]["domain"].".conf") )
                                     exec("rm -f /etc/awstats/awstats.".$data["old"]["domain"].".conf");
    } // end class
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  2. andypl

    andypl Member

    Ok i put this scripts in the plugins folder and how its works ?
    I dont see any options on ISPConfig panel for awstats.
  3. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    To enable the script you will have to create a symlink in the plugins-enabled folder to the plugin in the plugins-available folder like it is done for the other plugins. Afterwards you edit the file /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/ and add the line:

    $conf['services']['awstats'] = true;

    Then the plugin should work. The author of the plugin may correct me if I missed an additional step as I did not tested the plugin yet. An of xourse the awstats package from your linux distribution has to be installed.
  4. Mouton

    Mouton New Member

    Indeed, you'll need to install awstats first. Sadly, I do not have to to make any tutorial yet. I'll try but.

    This plugin is only - for the moment -for generating awstats config for each ISPconfig 3 domain.

    I'll work on the user htaccess restriction as soon as possible.
  5. archerjd

    archerjd ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Hi Mounton,
    It seems to me that the .htaccess file even though has been used for decades , is a little messy. Would mod-auth-mysql be a cleaner/better solution?

    One thing we have to keep in mind is if a user account gets disabled for some oddball reason. The .htaccess file will have to be modified and then again when the account is re-enabled. I believe if my memory serves me right, mod-auth-mysql has a variable just for things like that and it gives you the ability to use the same user accounts within the dbispconfig database.

    There are some conns to this. mod-auth-mysql requires basic authentication (plain text).
    Also, you would have to add something like this to the vhost.conf.master file.
    <tmpl_if name='awstats' op='==' value='y'
      <Directory <tmpl_var name='web_document_root_www'>/stats
        AuthBasicAuthoritative Off
        AuthUserFile /dev/null
        AuthMySQL On
        AuthName "AWstats Service"
        AuthType Basic
        Auth_MySQL_Host localhost
        Auth_MySQL_User ispconfig
        Auth_MySQL_Password <tmpl_var name='db_password'>
        AuthMySQL_DB dbispconfig
        AuthMySQL_Password_Table ftp_user
        Auth_MySQL_Username_Field username
        Auth_MySQL_Password_Field password
        Auth_MySQL_Group_Table ftp_user
        Auth_MySQL_Group_Field gid
        Auth_MySQL_Encryption_Types Crypt
        Auth_MySQL_Empty_Passwords Off
        Auth_MySQL_Authoritative On
        Auth_MySQL_Password_Clause " AND enabled=1"
        require group <tmpl_var name='system_group'>
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  6. Mouton

    Mouton New Member

    Good idea.

    I'm not sure, but mod-auth-mysql seems to have recent security issues as well as compatibility problems with apache 2.2 (not tested).
    Maybe would it be better not to use a third party module but the mod_authn_dbd module ?
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    ISPConfig 3 uses already .htacess protection for the webalizer statistics and that is based on plain old text files for compatibility reasons and I dont see a reason to add an additional external package as requirement if it is not nescessary and if it does not bring any real benefit as ispconfig has to write all the apache config and the sattistics config as files anyway, so writing a few lines into another file do not matter.
  8. astewart

    astewart ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I installed AWSTATS and created the plugin.
    Then created a Symlink to enable the plugin.
    After this I added '$conf['services']['awstats'] = true;' to the

    I have refreshed the Sites in ISPCONFIG which created the '' but it doesn't appears to be creating any awstats folder in the Clients web folder. Nor do I see any apache config file for awstats.

    Am I missing something here?
  9. archerjd

    archerjd ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    Thanks Till, I stand corrected. :)
    Does ISPConfig 3 re-use the existing accounts created for the site for creating the .htaccess file?
  10. archerjd

    archerjd ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I believe I found an article describing what you have mentioned above but it seems to be a little out dated. Do you have a link describing this as of this year?
    I have been using the pre-packaged version in Debian Lenny for testing some applications and do not want to continue using it if there are still issues with it.
  11. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    There is a password input field for the statistics password in the site setting.
  12. Thomas Jensen

    Thomas Jensen New Member

    Which username to use in the statistics?
  13. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Try admin.
  14. andypl

    andypl Member

  15. archerjd

    archerjd ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    I have looked into this once before and it seemed to me that mod-rewrite can do this beautifully. ;)
  16. letezo

    letezo New Member

    Does anybody work on awstats support?

    I've just installed the plugin. It creates the awstats config files for the domains, but it is far from working in its current state. Things need to do:

    • Cron task to update the statistics for each domain. The default cron script installed by the system uses only the awstats.conf file and hardwired to build stats from /var/log/apache/access.log only, so that is clearly not enough in our case.
    • Support for running without generally enabling CGI support for those domains. It can be protected by the same password as the Webalizer statistics. We have to provide a separate path for awstats. There should be a link from the Webalizer statistics to jump to awstats to help users.
    • New option for the Stats tab of the site in ISPConfig to enable/disable awstats for the domain.
    • Testing this on all the supported platforms.
  17. letezo

    letezo New Member

    Updating statistics for multiple domains

    I suggest moving the domain specific configuration files into a new directory like /etc/awstats/ispconfig or somewhere else. This directory should be created by the awstats plugin on installation or first use.

    The Ubuntu 8.04 LTS distribution contains a script:

    It can be configured (see the beginning of this file) to update the statistics for all the ISPConfig managed domains then.

    Related topic, both for Webalizer and AWStats: We can enable GeoIP for them if we install the geoip-bin package and take care of downloading the free GeoIP Country database from MaxMind. I haven't tested this yet, however.
  18. letezo

    letezo New Member

    We have to place those config files directly under /etc/awstats, unfortunately. AWStats tries to load the config files for the virtual hosts from there.
  19. letezo

    letezo New Member

    Perl warning

    We have to avoid the following bug on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS:[email protected]/msg385558.html

    Due to the above bug awstats.conf.local cannot be included from awstats.conf, since that would be a "nested" (three level deep) include. We can comment out the Include "/etc/awstats/awstats.conf.local" line at the end of awstats.conf and include that from each domain specific awstats config file. Or we can change awstats.conf directly, but that would be bad practice and might be nor so resilent to upgrades as we would want.
  20. vogelor

    vogelor ISPConfig Developer ISPConfig Developer

    i don't know if anybody is working on awstats support, but IF!

    if you name the plugin and then create the link in the plugins-core dir instead of the plugins-enabled dir (is done automatically by the installer if the plugin is called, then the plugin is loaded and executed every minute. so you do not neet any cron taks! (have a look at the monitor_core_module i wrote some times ago. with this module i have had the same problem with the cron - job and till and i decided to implement it this way instead of creating a special cron-job for every module needed such...

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