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Discussion in 'General' started by themark, Oct 29, 2015.

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    the backup feature of isp3 is very nice. Specially now that comprises also the datatabase backup.
    I'm not able to figure out, how the disk quota, works on that backup. Basically I know that the quota is calculated by the unix quota command.
    But the backup are store to /var/backup as root, normally, and then moved into the website home directory, when the customer ask for download them. And when is moved the chown of the file is root:<usergroup>. In that way both places (/var/backup and /var/www/[domain_name]/backup) are not with the chown of the user of the website. So i guess that the quota does not calculate that space.

    This could be a problem, because this means that the disk space occuped by an user could be [SPACEOFTHEWEBSITE] X [NUMBEROFBACKUPRETAIN]. So is very expensive (in terms of disk space) for the hoster (as we are).

    My question is: it's there a way to change the chown of the backup with the correct user of the website backupped? In order to include the disk space of the backup inside the hosting limit?

    Thank you
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    Backups are excluded from quota indeed. We made that because most providers with a largers etup have the backups on a less expensive backup store (e.g. /var/backup is mounted as nfs drive) and backups can be corrupted if there is not enough space in the user quota so a restore will fail later and the customer might not have noticed that. There is currently no config option to change that in ispconfig, you would have to change that in the code of your system or add an option to configure this in ispconfig (system > server config) and push it as merge request to our git server.

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