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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by Samonoske, May 20, 2008.

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    This is a feature that would be nice to have in ISPConfig 3. In the regular ISPConfig there is a way to upload .pkg files to a folder so that ISPConfig will be capable of having a new feature. Is there a way that this same thing or something similar can be setup for ISPConfig 3 Beta except uploading of the extension file can be done through the ISPConfig interface. The ISPConfig 3 Beta could have some type of parameters set in its code so that it could handle specific but broad extensions that are created by users. It could be made something like a CMS(Content Management System). Most of the experience i've had with CMS's is that they were basically just a big compilation of files and there was a core file that all of the extensions were written specifically to so that they could call certain functions. Doing something like this could possibly open the ISPConfig even more then what is already is. If a user wants a new type of extension but you guys haven't thought of it yet... The user could create one(if they know the coding language) and then share with the rest of the community thus making ISPConfig's capabilities boundless. Just a thought. :) . BTW if i'm not mistaken ISPConfig 3 Beta both PHP and AJAX, These are both languages that i'm learning at the moment so I would love to help create.

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