ISPConfig 3 cron jobs [debian lenny perfect setup]

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    I followed the perfect setup of debian lenny and ispconfig 3 to the point.

    I noticed that my webalizer stats was a couple of days off. I did a number of searches on the web and figured out that these stats will be updated using crontab. My jobqueue has also stopped (jobs are building up).

    I logged on as root and ran

    crontab -e

    There was no entries for root. (I might have messed them up earlier, I can't remember, hehe)

    Which cronjobs should be present for this setup, please? And how can I set them?


    I found a solution: You can download (the same copy or a newer one).
    Go to /tmp (if that is where you put it)
    extract it
    cd into the install directory and run update.php
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