ISPConfig 3 problem with shared IP

Discussion in 'General' started by Anna O., Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Anna O.

    Anna O. New Member


    I have a problem with shared IP on my server.

    The problem is when I add a domain and point it to the same IP the browser show only one domain.

    eg: i have pointed to IP, pointed to and pointed to same IP The problem is wen i access browser return content from but url in browser is from, same wen access, browser return the same content but url in browser is from but wen access this is work.

    The domains works well only on dedicated IP address on shared i have this problem

    Please help me with shared IP addresses!

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  2. Anna O.

    Anna O. New Member

    Help me please!
  3. vhacker11

    vhacker11 Member

    Hi Anna,

    Can you make sure you have correct A records ? Also, is a primary IP on the server or is it additional ? Can you post the vhosts of all 3 domains ?


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