ISPConfig 3 Server Module for WHMCS

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by Germanius, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Yes, it works. I can send you a testversion, if you want to try it.
    Please write me a PM.
  2. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Version 1.0.1 is out now!
  3. otacon

    otacon New Member

    so I bought it.... where do I download it? I cant find it.
  4. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    You will get it via email from Germanius.
  5. mmidgett

    mmidgett Member

    I see that the requirement are that I need IonCube. Is this something that I have to purchase?
  6. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    No, you dont have to purchase that - it is free.
    But you already have that installed on your webserver if you use WHMCS, because WHMCS needs this also.
  7. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    I can't seem to find a place to automatically set the IP Address instead of the default '*'

    Is this a setting in WHMCS or in ISPConfig? Or should I look at modifying ISPConfig files?
  8. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    All of your existing websites have '*' selected in ISPC? Then you should add an IP-Address and switch the sites from * to the correct IP.

    rudolfpietersma described it here:
  9. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    Yes, I've switched them over to IPs instead but new sites are added by default with '*'. It should be the IP of the Server instead for new sites.
  10. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    If you add them via WHMCS than have a look at your serversettings "Setup - Servers - Edit a server". There you have to set up the correct IP Address, the same as you use in ISPC for all existing sites.
  11. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    You are right! I must have overlooked it somehow, but now it works perfect.

    Thanks :)
  12. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    One more question please-

    When I add an order to an existing customer in whmcs, a new user account is generated in ispconfig. Is it supposed to work this way? How do I get the domains consolidated?

    Regards, Brandon
  13. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Yes, thats the normal bahaviour, because ISPC needs for every hosting package an own user.
    If you have only a domain order you have to add it manually or you add some code to your registrar module in WHMCS if you use one. Because thats a registrar thing.
  14. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Thats not the case if you use ispconfig without whmcs. There are master templates and additional templates. You can assign as many additional templates to a user as you like and also a user can as have as many websites as nescessary.
  15. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    I know that, but I thought he mainly meant the domain thing?
    If he meant the addon templates than it is not supported yet. I am not sure, if WHMCS directly supports a behaviour like this. I will check it, so I make a remark on the roadmap.
  16. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If WHMCS does not support cumulative limits like ispconfig, then you can e.g. use a master template where all limits are set to 0 and then add only a addon template for every new webhosting package that a customer orders. So you dont have to add new users.
  17. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    It looks like we're going to need the ability for customers to add their own domains in domainmanager-

    Can we configure this in ISPConfig already?
  18. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Yes, I think you can enable the domain tool for the customers, too.
    But I dont think that that is the sense of this. The domain tool prevents customers from adding eg. external domains. So if you want that customers can add any domain you dont need the domain tool, then you can deactivate it.
  19. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    DNS troubles

    Hi Germanius and any other helpful tippers,

    I'm having troubles with the DNS creation, it seems that the template isn't completely applied.

    The DNS Zone is created but "disabled" and none of the Zone records are created.

    The module settings in WHMCS are correct, and I've tried two different DNS templates.

    My Module version is 1.0.1.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks, Brandon
  20. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Hi there,

    are you the one who already sent me an email concerning the dns problem?
    If not, I am already working on that issue, because someone else has similar problems.

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