ISPConfig 3 Server Module for WHMCS

Discussion in 'Tips/Tricks/Mods' started by Germanius, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. serverstage

    serverstage New Member

    No Sir, that wasn't me. I'd be happy to help out with input if you have any questions though.

    Kind Regards, Brandon
  2. onastvar

    onastvar Member

    demo Module for WHMCS

    Do you have a demo online?
  3. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    There is no demo online, because if we want to make a demo online we have to purchase an extra license from WHMCS only for the demo system. That would not make so much sense.
    If you already have a working WHMCS installation I can send you a test version of this module. Please contact me via email or send me a PM.
  4. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    New version 1.0.2 finished with the following changes:

    - Add Loginlink in Clientarea (IMPLEMENTED)
    - Support for plan upgrading (IMPLEMENTED)
    - Support languages which are not in ISPC by default (IMPLEMENTED)
    - Bug: Problems with usernamehandling if it is a name like Johnny De Silva (FIXED)
    - Bug: DNS not working (FIXED)

    I am searching for some people who would like to test those changes. After that I will release it. Please contact me for the test version.
  5. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    v1.0.2 released today!
  6. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    I upgraded to 1.0.2 but now my Verify Image (captcha) is missing and has a red cross.
  7. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    This module doesnt do anything with verify images (captcha).
    So I think your problem is related to WHMCS itself.
  8. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    Don't know why this happend on the sametime I upgrated to 1.0.2. But for now I disabled captcha.
  9. ikrudolf

    ikrudolf Member

    I just tested some things after the upgrade.
    The first thing I noticed when I order more domains it creates ispconfig accounts per domain? Can I set it it will just create 1 account + all the domains?

    One other thing.
    Can I use a fixed email adres on the DNS settings? (instead off [email protected]/[email protected] etc)
  10. svdmon

    svdmon New Member

    SOAP error

    When trying to create a domain through WH we get the following output:

    SOAP Error: documentroot_error_empty

    It creates the client fine but no domain.
    I've fiddled around with the PHP settings under the Module but that doesn't seem to be at fault.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Amorphous

    Amorphous New Member

    so, i have just purchased a version of whmcs ispconfig module, and i see that this version is still in testing, because of some issues ...... should not this testing versions be for free until a final working version ?????

    i am very dissapointed ....

    And the most interresting thing is that not even one admin saying that this is or not supported by howtoforge......

    shame on you !!!

    selling products still in testing mode .....

    shame shame shame !!!!
  12. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    @svdmon: You have got a mail, which should solve your problem. You did something wrong in IP management.

    @Amorphous: Calm down. Nothing is in testing mode. This module is working since one year.
    There are only some problems with the new ISPC 3.0.4 release, because of some new features in ISPC. So there have to be some changes in this module which I will do in in the next days.
  13. svdmon

    svdmon New Member

    Thanks Germanius it's working now.
  14. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    Just a little note for everybody who wants to use this module with ISPC 3.0.4:
    Please dont replace those two files in ISPC, which is described in the manual. Just use the original ones and everything is working fine.
  15. Amorphous

    Amorphous New Member

    just a small question about the ISP Config Template ID:

    i have created in ISPConfig 3 templates, Neo Lite, Neo Pro and Neo Demo.
    after i have finished updating those 3 templates, they did not remained in the exact order i have created them order is now like this:
    MAin Template ----------- Neo Pro
    Main Template ----------- Neo Demo
    Main Template ----------- Neo Lite

    is the whmcs module not recognising automatically the templates because i was supposed to make one template as a master template and the other 2 as additional templates ???
    i have tryed to make in this configuration the 3 plans in whmcs module
    Neo lite -------- ID 3
    Neo Pro -------- ID 1
    Neo Demo ------- ID 2

    but when the account is being activated, the template is not automatically updated, i have to go every time to ISP and activate the desired template manually .....

    please advise

    I have alot of IP s set on the web-hosting server. how do i add the IP s in ispconfig ?? under wich user ??? whmcs module creates users automatically .... how can i set the ispconfig to add automatically one or more ips for each client ?? if the user doens t have an ip set in ISP for his account, and it s only set in whmcs module, how will isp module know what ip he will use ?? i want to give individual IP`s for each client ... the install manual found in the module is not enough to know exactly how to make theese settings ..
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2011
  16. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    You have to set the specific master template ID in the product settings in WHMCS for every product. Every product has its own template id. If you are not sure which template has which ID, have a look in the ISPC database to find it out (because ISPC isnt showing it in the controlpanel).

    At the moment it is like this (maybe I will change something in the behaviour in the next releases):
    You have to add servers in WHMCS. There you will set a IP for the server. This IP is the one wherewith the websites will be created. Furthermore WHMCS takes this IP and asks ISPC for the correct serverid, where all files will be stored. DNS, MAIL and DATABASE are configured via the product settings in WHMCS.
    So at the moment it is not possible to add a different IP for every new client. This functionality is not supported by default by WHMCS.
  17. Amorphous

    Amorphous New Member

    thank you very much i think is now working, haven t tested yet but you were right i have found what i needed in the database ...

    nevermind about the ip`s, i will do this manually ......

    in the meantime can you please tell me exactlly what i have to change so the users cannot see anymore the option * in the ipv4 menu ?? so they will be able to see directly their own IP, set by me manually ?
  18. Germanius

    Germanius Member

    This is not supported by ISPC. As far as I know ISPC always shows the * and the IPs which you added to the client.
  19. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    I have everything geinstaleerd!

    The module runs on NS4, and the master server is ns2

    if I accept the payment, and then I get this error.

    SOAP Error: pm_max_children_error_regex

    the user does get created, but the website does not

  20. nokia80

    nokia80 Member

    its solved thanks pffffff

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