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    Hello ispconfig users, first I apologise for my bad english,
    I have server (debian 7) with instalation latest stable ispconfig version, during instalation process i choose expert mode and choose all services without SMTP services (postfix, dovecot, amavis, spamassinsn ...), everything goes well, apache, sql, ftp, php, all is running and i have some production www running on this server.

    Now I need install email services (I know it was mistake, but it happened), so I install all required packages (postfix, dovecot, amavis, getmail. spamassain...) and do some edit postfix, and now question, is there possible way howto add (reconfigure) ispconfig services for emails, or reinstall ispconfig without loosing data and current configration? (probably is not possible run again install.php script and only choose export mode and select all services to install).

    Thx for help. FAHACZ

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