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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by fatmike, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. fatmike

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    I'm trying to implement Cloudflares railgun daemon to an existing server debian 9 server with ISPConfig 3.1 installed.

    Cloudflare requires to add the following line according to documentation
    Where should I put that line in order to work as supposed to and not getting changed each time a website updates?
    Is it in httpoxy.conf?
    Should I do this manually?

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  2. Taleman

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    My guess is to put it in Websites Options Apache Directives.
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  3. fatmike

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    Railgun is using memcache to fetch an store cached information. So (I think) Cloudflare need access to the whole server not just a website.
    Isn't "Websites Options Apache Directives" work only under a single website?

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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Yes. But normally you use cloudflare just for a specific domain and not for all domains, therefore you would insert this for the websites that use cloudflare. But you can insert it globally as well, e.g. in apache2.conf, when you want to use cloudflare for all sites
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  5. fatmike

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    From Cloudflare support:
    I'll try using Websites Options Apache Directives and if that does not work as supposed to, I'll add to the apache2.conf file.

    I'll report back

    EDIT: In case you don't know Argo is a Cloudflare service that caches the content you choose(via page rules etc) to all of Cloudflares datacenters around the globe.
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  6. fatmike

    fatmike Member

    Sadly this results in a 403 Forbidden response on the website.

    I'm in touch with cloudflare support.
    I hope I'll manage to solve this.

    Best regards.
  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Check the website error.log to find out what the issue is.
  8. fatmike

    fatmike Member

    The problem seemed to be a not ACSII character that was "hidden" and was attached after copy/paste the command.
    Once I entered the command manually there was no error whatsoever and website working fine.

    Best regards
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  9. fatmike

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    The problem occured again after initiating rg-listener and run railgun.
    1 of 2-3 time there was an error 403 returned.
    Just in case someone else face this issue in the near future I had to add two directives to the apache:

    CloudFlareRemoteIPTrustedProxy (here.your.public.ip)
    So I had to put the server's public IP as well.

    It seems that Railgun listener is sending request to the web server locally, but over the public IP as well.
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