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    I have in our IT landscape a setup that consist of several machines for different functions. For ease of understanding I will simplify this for my question.

    Server 1 is the web server (apache 2.0.54 and tomcat)
    Server 2 is the db server (mysql 4.1.14) + dns (bind 9)
    Server 3 is the mail server (postfix).

    All machines are running on Gentoo...

    I understand that the setup is designed for installation on 1 machine that runs all underlying functions (apache, mysql, bind, postfix).

    What must I do to get it installed in our environment with it distributed function setup?



    PS From googling I understand that installation on a Gentoo machine is already difficult. Who has accomplished that and will share the experience?
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    Install ISPConfig on server 1 and server 3; during setup choose server 2 as your MySQL server (but specify different database names for the installations on server 1 and 3!). Then server 1 and 3 will use server 2 as database server.
    Then create your web sites in ISPConfig on server 1; then create the same web sites in ISPConfig on server 3 (despite the real web sites are on server 1) and create your users and email addresses on the tab "User & Email".
    When you create users on ISPConfig #1, then you must tell ISPConfig #1 to use an external mail server (-> server3).
    When you create databases with ISPConfig #1, you should enable remote access (because the databases will be created on server 2).

    BTW, you'll only be successful in installing ISPConfig on each server if all 3 servers fulfill the requirements (Apache, Postfix/Sendmail, MySQL, BIND, ...).

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