ISPCONFIG email server with non ISPCONFIG Courier-Imap Server

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Maile Halatuituia, Sep 3, 2015.

  1. I have a situation like this.
    I have a currently running Courier imap/pop3 hosting in a FreeBSD. What i want is ISPCONFIG control panel create the mailbox, replicate it to the email server where ispconfig client is installing, then the dbispconfig database on that email server is replicate to the FreeBSD server which host the real mail server. Therefore the real email sever which run courier authenticate using the dbispconfig. It worked perfect but there is minor issue.

    1. vmail user uid and gid on ispconfig is 5000 whereas in FreeBSD is 1001. [i have to manually adjust that on mysql table]
    2.i have to append manually Maildir at the end of maildir on mail_user table cos it's not include when ispconfig create mailbox. Later i found out that i can edit the Email Server config with /var/virtual/[domain]/[localpart]/Maildir.
    3.Number two above fix my database issue and i am sure i only left with how to deal with number one above without manual adjust to my database.
    4. The only problem with number two above is that Ispconfig add another Maildir on top of the same directory it automatically . After creating a new user it looks like this /var/virtual/domain/Maildir/Maildir.
    5.I want to fix number 4 above as i want the ispconfig email server as a backup if my FreeBSD server fail.

    Any comment is very much appreciated.

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