ISPConfig how to prevent automatic deletion of expired client accounts

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    I have an Ubuntu 16.04 server with ISPConfig Version: 3.1dev. and a website where I installed WHMCS.
    Whenever a client stops paying, their accounts are removed from the clients list from the ISPConfig interface within a couple of months. After that, I can't restore their accounts. However, they still have their accounts on the WHMCS platform.
    Is there an option to change this configuration? and how can I retrieve a removed account?
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    I can not stress this enough: keep your systems up to date !! Ubuntu 16.04 hasn't had any security updates in almost a year unless you are paying for ESM. And ISPConfig has had several security bug fixes in the past releases. So before continuing to read this reply, update your sh*t!

    I don't use WHCMS, but I suspect you can disable this in their software. ISPConfig does not remove them.

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