ispconfig integration with AWS... almost.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by wshakes, Mar 19, 2017.

  1. wshakes

    wshakes Member

    I have successfully installed ispconfig on a ubuntu 16.04 server instance hosted on AWS.

    The end goal is to configure it to configure postfix to use AWS SES (simple email service) as a relay for all outgoing mail.

    The other goal I had in mind was to not use spamassassin/antivirus and keep this a lightweight instance and use a mail receiver service to do the spam and virus heavy lifting and then pass the mail mail to the the ispconfig server.

    Now, currently everything is well, except my mail is getting stuck. I am unable to send or receive and it appears from the mail log that mail is being deferred because of my having not installed amavis. How do I get this going? Or do you suggest a better method to my madness? See mail.log below:
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  2. EckyBrazzz

    EckyBrazzz Member

    Your mail is in the "Sandbox" and you should manually release them. After some days you can send a support ticket to take you out of the sanbox.
  3. wshakes

    wshakes Member

    aha, you may be right. Please tell me, did you look at the log, and you don't think it's the lack of antivirus and spam that it is looking for that is my holdup?
  4. wshakes

    wshakes Member

    And tell me why according to that log, the email I sent from outside is able to hit postfix,
    true, I may be in a sendmail sandbox, but I should be able to receive without problems right now, see this part of the log:
    that address is incoming mail, I want it to make it all the way to the inbox, but it's stuck on the way in, deferred.

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  5. EckyBrazzz

    EckyBrazzz Member

    No, I did not look into the log files, I read the pages on Amazon and just opened a suppot ticket to lift me out oif the sandbox
    Some days later I received a email that the have raised the sending limit to 2000 emails a minute and that is was out of the sandbox
  6. wshakes

    wshakes Member

    mods can delete if they want. I regret this server setup already. It was a fun experiment. I'm going to start over. I don't think it's a good solution to use a mail forwarding company to scan it for you. Might as well sign up on google mail or amazon workmail if I'm going to do that. Scan it yourself or outsource the whole thing IMO.
  7. EckyBrazzz

    EckyBrazzz Member

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  8. ahrasis

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    I just use gmail as a relay. If I got more mails to send, I rotate my accounts.

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