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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mcardo, Oct 20, 2008.

  1. mcardo

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    When I configure my Email client I can only get it to work using my WAN IP as the pop3 and smtp server. When I put Outlook will not find the server. I have the following config:

    name: server1
    host: server1
    IP: lan ip

    DNS Manager
    server: server1
    IP: wan IP

    A records
    server1 to wan ip
    ns1 to wan ip
    MX record
    pop3 to
    smtp to

    Under godaddy DNS manager I have:
    A record
    @ to wan ip
    * to wan ip (* stands for all hosts, www, www3, sql, mail, etc...)

    My server is configured as the primary name server under the DNS manager of Godaddy.

    What am I missing?
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  2. till

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    1) Delete all dns recrds form the dnsm manager as you use godaddy as dns server and not ispconfig.
    2) Make sure that you forwarded the ports for pop3, imap and smtp from your router to your server.
  3. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    I understand that I could use godaddy as my DNS but I want my server to be the DNS server. Can this be done?
  4. falko

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  5. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    My server will handle the DNS. Godaddy has my two dns servers so it will not have options to configure any records since I'm using my server. The tutorial is of no help.
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Why? Sorry, but I don't understand the problem...
  7. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    Godaddy is my registrar. I removed both the DNS servers that godaddy provided and configured my two DNS servers and These two are actually the same machine.

    I have all the necessary ports being forwarded from the router to the server (110, 25, 443, 80, 22, 21, 53, 995, etc...) , that's not the problem. The problem, I believe is my lack of DNS knowledge =( and therefore don't know exactly what my settings should be.

    I have my ISPconfig configured like the following (forget about what you read on my first post)

    Server: server1
    Hostname: server1
    IP: LAN IP

    DNS Manager
    Server: server1
    IP: WAN IP

    DNS Entry options
    Nameserver 1:
    Nameserver 2:
    (I also have these two under management>server>settings>dns)

    A Record
    server1 to WAN IP
    ns1 to WAN IP



    and I also configured the antispam feature to

    When I browse to (to access my existing ISPconfig website, I get a "server not found" which means my DNS is not working, right?)

    When I browse to I get an ISPConfig page that says "This is shared IP, type the address instead of the IP...." (so is being forwarded to my WAN IP, but when I add prefixes I get no response, not from the mail server not from the web server)

    Why is my DNS not working? I did the perfect server config twice and everything installed flawlessly, I have gotten it to work before with godaddy's default DNS servers and the proper A records, but now that I have removed both of those default DNS servers and added mine I can't get my page to work.
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  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

  9. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    1. Port 53 UDP & TCP are being forwarded to my server.

    2. This is some of the output from into DNS:


    "Domain NS records Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: [''] [TTL=172800] [''] [TTL=172800]

    "DNS Parent sent Glue Good. The parent nameserver sent GLUE, meaning he sent your nameservers as well as the IPs of your nameservers." <----- Glue records are fine. I added my server as hosts under the Godaddy manager with Name and IP.

    "NS records from your nameservers NS records got from your nameservers listed at the parent NS are:
    Oups! I could not get any nameservers from your nameservers (the ones listed at the parent server). Please verify that they are not lame nameservers and are configured properly.
    " <----- this might be supportive info for the theory that I have a misconfiguration within my ISPConfig application.

    "Same Glue Hmm,I do not consider this to be an error yet, since I did not detect any nameservers at your nameservers." <------- Another glue record needs to be configured in my ISPConfig??? I have both ns1 and ns2 pointing to my WAN IP under my DNS A record. ?!?!?

    "Error Mismatched NS records WARNING: One or more of your nameservers did not return any of your NS records."

    "ERROR: One or more of your nameservers did not respond:
    The ones that did not responded are:

    "Multiple Nameservers ERROR: Looks like you have less than 2 nameservers. According to RFC2182 section 5 you must have at least 3 nameservers, and no more than 7. Having 2 nameservers is also ok by me."

    "Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers You should already know that your NS records at your nameservers are missing, so here it is again:
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  10. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Can you post the zone file of
  11. mcardo

    mcardo New Member


    These are the contents of my "named.conf" file. I'm running Ubuntu 8.04. Is that what you mean by "zone file"?

    options {
    pid-file "/var/run/bind/run/";
    directory "/etc/bind";
    auth-nxdomain no;
    * If there is a firewall between you and nameservers you want
    * to talk to, you might need to uncomment the query-source
    * directive below. Previous versions of BIND always asked
    * questions using port 53, but BIND 8.1 uses an unprivileged
    * port by default.
    // query-source address * port 53;
    // a caching only nameserver config
    zone "." {
    type hint;
    file "db.root";
    zone "" {
    type master;
    file "db.local";
    zone "" {
    type master;
    file "";

    This is my "" file:

    $TTL 86400
    @ IN SOA (
    2008102405 ; serial, todays date + todays serial #
    28800 ; refresh, seconds
    7200 ; retry, seconds
    604800 ; expire, seconds
    86400 ) ; minimum, seconds
    NS ; Inet Address of name server 1
    NS ; Inet Address of name server 2

    MX 10 A
    ns1 A A
    ns2 A
    mail A
    www A

    pop3 CNAME
    smtp CNAME TXT "v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all"

    Check the attached image for my godaddy setup and the attached .pdf for my "intodns" output.

    Note: I'm not using, as you can see, godaddy's nameservers. Would the only way to make this work be by using at least one godaddy's name server along with mine? (I have tried using one godaddy's nameserver (with A records "ns1" to WAN IP and "@" to Wan IP) and mine with a slave zone with the godaddy info and it worked well) If this doesn't work, that's the setup I'm going to use.

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  12. brunski

    brunski New Member

    FYI - i was able to use mixed Name Servers with godaddy following the tutorial you sent me. I've had no issues as of yet anyhow
  13. brunski

    brunski New Member

    I checked my zone file too, and this is what shows different from yours:

    @       IN      SOA     NS1.BRUXARU.COM. root.localhost. (

    @ IN SOA (

    maybe that hotmail entry is what's causing some issue on your end :confused:
  14. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    Could be. I'll change it and see....

    Did you go to How was your report? Does it see your servers fine?
  15. brunski

    brunski New Member

    well you can check it out:

    It does have some issues i need to iron out. -
    i'm still having issues with mail, but i haven't done any trobleshooting ye, like i told you before i can receive but not send - maybe due to the errors in intodns
  16. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    I've just cehcked your domain at ( ), and the problem is that your nameservers are not authoritative for the domain, but and
  17. mcardo

    mcardo New Member


    I've been changing my config. Today saturday in the morning my configuration wasn't the same as it was when I posted all those attachements above. Check out my attachments above. How do I make my server Authoritative? Keep in mind I only have one server, one public IP and I'm creating two A records in my server (ns1 to public IP and ns2 to same public IP) therefore I'm "pretending" two servers, but it's actually only one.

    I'd like my "two servers" and to do the DNS job for my domain and also make them Authoritative of my domain.
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  18. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    You must do this somewhere in the GoDaddy web interface (which I'm not familiar with).
  19. mcardo

    mcardo New Member

    Well its all the same concept.

    I am assigned, by default, two nameservers from godaddy. I have the option of registering "hosts" of my own (using name and ip e.g. and my public ip) and replace the ones assigned by godaddy with mine, therefore loosing the ability of managing records under godaddy's interface because, this would be done under ISPConfig in my servers. So I'm hosting the domain myself.

    Now Under godaddy I have Three "places" where I can change things, I can register hosts (by name and public ip) I can change nameservers and, if I'm using goaddy's nameservers, which I'm not, I can change A records, cname, mx, txt, etc...

    1. Is there anything else that would normally be available under registrars website to change the authoritative server to my own server?

    2. Could I make the registrar believe I have two severs when I actually have one? (using A records I'm registering two servers and making them my only 2 DNS servers)
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  20. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That depends on the registrar. I'd talk to GoDaddy about this.

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