Ispconfig + mailman3 on Debian 11

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  1. Fire Fox

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    Dear ISPConfig team,
    this is my server spec:
    • local server
    • single server
    • Debian 11
    • ISPConfig 3.2.10p1
    • php7.4 & php8.2
    • phpmyadmin
    • roundcube
    i read your discussion about no recent plan to include mailman 3 on ISPConfig. this thread is to add to the request hoping that you may consider mailman 3 on ISPConfig. i love Debian 11 since updating server too much and everyday is boring to me.
    i got my hands on mailman 3 on Debian 11 (local server). it's pretty neat. will be great if it can be managed within ISPConfig.



    thanks for having this mailman 3 on your next ISPConfig version.
    Fire Fox
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  2. Taleman

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    It does not appear by itself. Someone has to write the code to support Mailman 3, or sponsor writing it.
    My understanding is Mailman 3 is much improved and ISPConfig could be made to support it, but I am not writing PHP code, but I too would be pleased to have Mailman 3 supported.
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