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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by JansenSensei, May 30, 2017.

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    I did a search and saw two people ask the same question that I am about to do but both of them were told "You will be the first" and that was back in 2005 so I am hoping to get a response that is a little more helpful than "Good luck. Let us know how you did" :D lol

    So I have a Mac Mini that cannot be upgraded past Lion. It's Server app is entirely useless to me because it simply cannot do wildcard subdomains without hacking files that get overwritten with every change you make to DNS and whatever else. That and more importantly I can't get that free SSL license of mine to work on it and apparently nobody else can either... So even though I am stuck on an old version of Server, even the latest version is of no use to me even if I could upgrade my OS.

    I am using Mamp Pro and that works great except I got hacked the other day and although I should be more worried about how they got past my router I am more interested in the fact that they didn't hack all the WordPress sites I have installed but instead they hacked all the domains I have listed in Mamp. both Wordpress and 1 page php test site alike all got hacked with the same code injection at the bottom of index.php but the sites I installed in subfolders, the were left alone... So I don't trust Mamp Pro now...

    I used ISPConfig back when I rented a VPS and I liked using it... even though setting up the rest of my Linux server from scratch twice a week and configuring it to work with ISPConfig twice a week due to my VPS host being a cr*ppy place, THAT sucked. Once everything was up and running everything worked well. Win for you guys! So now I am looking at hosting on my Mac Mini from home but have one system that is useless, another one that i don't trust and one I like but no idea how to get it installed...

    I am a GUI user. CLI use makes me feel smart when I do something right but I am so clueless that I still use VI simply because I can't even recall what the alternatives are. That should give you a clue how comfortable I am with setting up mail servers and editing config files and when someone says "oh just modify your somefile to point to the foobar" exactly how helpful that part of the step by step tutorial is for me... :(

    I am assuming you guys still don't have a Mac installer in the decade since you were last asked for one but hopefully my desperate plea will make you reconsider and create an installer that supports whatever you can support. If the firewall is going to be the only issue you can foresee then just don't configure the firewall on OSX and leave that up to me/us to do in OSX or the router. Both are easy enough for even me to do :D

    But before then, for now, though, could someone please tell me what I can/should do to just get this up and running so I can use this instead of Mamp? Please? See me pleading there? :D Please. I would be ever so grateful!
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    Mac OS is quite different from Linux, so getting ISPConfig for that may be a lot of work.
    If you only have that computer, what about installing Linux there? Debian GNU/Linux should be installable, and then You could use ISPConfig.
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    Thanks for the suggestion but Linux and I don't get along to well, as history has proven time and time again. :(
    I specifically bought the Mac Mini for this purpose because I am comfortable arounds OSX and because I will be writing software that will be servers for the clients I create, all for OSX. If I install Linux then the apps I create won't be able to run and the idea of hosting my websites inside a VM on the dedicated hardware I bought for this purpose seems... wasteful, to say the least.

    I really need to get a server control panel for OSX and I would really like to use ISPConfig if AT ALL possible... Fingers crossed!

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