Ispconfig possible causing high cpu usage

Discussion in 'General' started by craigfanman, Jan 25, 2017.

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    Hi! I'm suddenly having problems with one of my web servers and cant figure it out, load is spiking to 30, apache hits are about normal but mysql cpu usage seems to be stuck at 100%. show processlist mostly looks normal but shows this:

    | 12395 | ispconfig | localhost | dbispconfig | Sleep | 3227 | | NULL |

    So it looks to me like ispconfig is keeping a connection open or getting stuck or something, this doesnt happen on my other ispconfig servers. Any ideas if this is a problem and how to stop it? Thanks
  2. florian030

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    service mysql status
  3. till

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    The word "ispconfig" there means the database user with the name ispconfig, not the software ispconfig. On an ISPConfig server, the following services share the database username "ispconfig": Postfix, Dovecot or Courier, amavis, pure-ftpd a.d of course, ispconfig itself. So the connects can be from any of these services (and not nescessarily ISPConfig itself), you should check with e.g. top which of these services cause a high load.

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