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Discussion in 'General' started by Ken Knight, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Ken Knight

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    Hi all,
    So we've started encountering an issue with ftp user accounts not being able to login. I traced the problem back to the fact that the user for a specific site did not exist in the shadow file and also for some odd reason the web folder had the wrong UID assigned to it. In this particular case the web folder was 'web316' and the UID assigned to this folder was web285. I manually created the user web316 and then did a chown against that folder and everything worked again. I'm seeing a few other folders that have incorrectly matched UID's against them.

    Can anyone tell me at what stage the User actually gets created in the shadow file? I'm guessing it is probably at site creation. And potentially can someone point me to the right section of code that handles this task.

  2. till

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    FTP users are never in the shadow file, pure-ftpd is run in a virtual user configuration where pure-ftpd looks up all data in the dbispconfig database directly. What's in the passwd and shadow file is the user of the website (webX) which gets created at the time a website is added.

    The apache or nginx server plugin.

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