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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by RAID-5, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. till

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    The postfix and sendmail classes in ISPConfig 2 are a bit complicated. Maybe it is a better idea to implememnt qmail support in ISPConfig 3 which has a modular event based plugin architecture to easily add other services. I will release the third alpha version of ISPConfig 3 in the next days. The Email part is pretty stable already.
  2. Paranoia

    Paranoia New Member

    Thanks Till for your answer.
    Looking forward for the ISPConfig 3 release. I'll be glad to try and implement vpopmail there and contribute as much as i can.

    Thanks again
  3. rsrblade

    rsrblade New Member

    One can still use the ispconfig setup and run qmail on external server. Just be sure to set domain to use external mail server and point to the correct IP address in the DNS configuration.
  4. public_domain

    public_domain New Member

    How dare you. go back to microsoft.

    How dare you. go back to microsoft.
  5. pakogah

    pakogah New Member

    Hi, now qmail package has been by DJB into Public Domain License. see detail here:

    So we distribute qmail in patched-binary format. it would be wonderfull. and for learning qmail works I hope till and falko can join qmailtoaster list at [email protected] there are really nice guys who can help you solved qmail problem


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