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Discussion in 'General' started by zimele, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. zimele

    zimele New Member

    Thank you all

    Thanks again for your responses and i finally managed to do the Perfect Installation Tutorial perfectly:) ... i've installed ISPconfig on my test server now my question is how do i get it to do what everybody says it can do...basically

    1. I want to create a test client and send an email to my other account... simply [email protected] to my private account.

    2. Right...i know that for my personal account i have an SMTP server and POP3 Account supplied by my current ISP.... now if i wanted to configure this test account to work on a windows platform how would i go by getting the SMTP and POP3 settings

    3. For the Moment i am using a DSL line to connect to the internet and the IP address assigned to me is Dynamic so it changes from Day to Day.... now i do have access to getting the IP daily

    4. What steps would i have to take to make everything work for me

    5. I know that i have to get a STATIC IP from my ISP i have gone through the process of getting that to happen but it will take sometime for now i just wanna run a test to see that everything works
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    - Get an domain from a dnamic DNS service like DynDNS.
    - Create a website in ISPConfig for this domain with your internal IP.
    - Forward the ports for smtp, pop3 and www from your router to your server.
    - Create an email account in ISPConfig.
    - Create an email account in your mail client like outlook with the username and password you assigned in ISPConfig. SMTP and POP§ server is your internal server IP.
  3. zimele

    zimele New Member

    Hi Till THanks for your response!:)

    Is ther maybe a config file that has these settings cause i want to change them
    Please enter the host name (e.g. www):
    Please enter the domain (e.g.

    basically i want to be able to provide a webisite address that will be used for ISPconfig instead of https://my ipadress:81
    i want it to be maybe

    if there is a way can you please let me know and furthermore

    does this mean that ISPConfig can temporary work of a Dynamic IP address now my question is will the Server now be published on the INternet for that one day?
  4. BriX

    BriX New Member

    Check these threads I'm sure they'll help you change the hostname and ip address.

    Also there are services like that will provide DNS
    services to dynamically map a static host name to a changing
    IP address.
    The server will be accessible via internet provided the DNS record has been in circulation long enough (~24 -72hrs) and you haven't blocked access to it using a firewall. Is that what you wanted to know?
  5. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    You can change that under Management -> Server -> Settings.
  6. zimele

    zimele New Member

    A Thank You

    TO all that can help

    Till Thanks again for the reply and yes your info on dyndns did do the trick but now after i did the port forwarding on my router when i go to the URL it takes me to my DSL router now my question is, is it possible to change that to my ISPCONfig server that has my website and how do i go by publishing my website so that i type my URL and it is seen!

    oh and another thing how do i point my windows PC's SMTP to my ISPCONFIG's SMTP.... it doesn't really work when it sends a test email it comes up with an error but on the other hand when i use my ISP service Provider's SMTP everthing works perfectly (This is on testing settings of Mail)
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  7. zimele

    zimele New Member

    Please Help

    HI To All

    This is my current problem

    1. I am able to use my email addresses that i have created using a dyndns

    2. Now when i originally did the setup i made my IP address the address cause of test purposes now i want to change that

    3. when from my windows Machine (which is in the same IP Range as my Ubuntu server) try to go to my URL that i have created i am routed to my router page... but on the other hand when i use a PC that is on a different range and network i am able to see the frontpage of my Website

    what i want to know is how do you configure websites on ISP config to show (instead of the home page of my DSL router) and how do you change the IP address hostname to be a name
  8. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Have a look here:

    First you must forward the needed ports from your router to your ISPConfig server. And then you must have a router model that supports loopbacks into your local network, otherwise you cannot see your web sites from within your LAN (people from outside, however, can).
  9. zimele

    zimele New Member



    My Router does support Loopback/Send and Recieve

    now i don't know what to do

    oh and another problem i'm having is that i removed my old domain and settings and now when i had created another one when i assign a new email user i get the whole how do i go by removing the that it is just [email protected] instead of [email protected]

    and by tha way thanks for your help it is much appreciated
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  10. zimele

    zimele New Member

    More Problems

    <MANAGED TO FIX THIS> but i still wanted to change my IP address to my domain name!!

    and another thing after changing the IP address to a name it still does not work and to add to this when i try ftp from within ISPconfig still using my Ip address to Access Ispconfig i get this error

    Could not connect to localhost
    Next >>

    Now i tried changing the name back to the IP address and still nothing now my question is what did i do wrong and furthermore how can i fix this

    :) An eager Linux Learner!!!!:)
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  11. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Is it ok now?
  12. zimele

    zimele New Member

    some but not all

    The FTP part is working:) after i had renamed all those changes back to the IP address but its stange cause ftp works on my windows machine using the user credentials but strangly enough when i use a machine that is on another network or analogue modem when i try to ftp using it doesn't want to logon using the User that has been created?

    any reason why this happens or how to enable this user to be able to logon!

    oh and right now my welcome screen is that ISP index page now how would my users go by accessing squirrelmail what wud they have to type or what do i have to enable to make squirrelmail accessable from the outside internet... do take to consideration that i am still running dynamic domain
  13. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Can you post your domain here?
  14. zimele

    zimele New Member

    sorry about the late reply but my domain name is

    oh and another thing in ISPconfig how do you remove the www on the user's email address cause right now this is how it show [email protected] why is that i know that before i managed to remove it but now for some strange reason its back
  15. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Is this your public IP address?

    Have a look here:
  16. zimele

    zimele New Member


    does this mean that i have to create a new domain cause i did try this having a main domain and a co domain... but still when i create a new user it still shows as @www.domain.dyndns
  17. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    That's just how ISPConfig shows the email address in the interface (I think this has been fixed in the last release), you can check the email address in /etc/postfix/virtusertable.
  18. zimele

    zimele New Member


    oh okay i know that though when i send an email to [email protected] it works fine!!!

    what is the latest version of ISPConfig 2.2.3 ?

    atleast thats one of my probs fixed

    any ideas on this
  19. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff


    Try again with an FTP client like WS_FTP or SmartFTP.

    That depends on where you installed Squirrelmail...
  20. zimele

    zimele New Member


    My squirrelmail is installed on my ISPconfig server thorough the ISPCONFIG update option... hope this is what you were asking

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