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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by befree22, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    I now have ISPConfig 3 installed on the Centos 6 vps using Nginx. I switched from KloxoMR and I have a few config questions.

    1. DNS zones. I am using the DEFAULT DNS template. Is it necessary that I add a DNS zone inside ISPconfig? I already have the DNS servers create the A, NS, MX records at the registrar. So should I leave the DNS zone blank?

    If I still have to add a DNS zone inside ISPconfig, should I add the DNS zone manually or use the wizard?

    2. System > Server Config. Should I leave the default netmask, gateway, and nameservers fields as is? I already added the IP to the "Server IP addresses" settings.

    3. System > Firewall. This section is blank. The "bastille" firewall is displayed in the "Server Config" settings. Plus, CSF is on the server. Is it a good idea to have CSF if the system uses the internal bastille firewall? I heard hat CSF is the best and bastille is very basic.

    4. Client Templates. I setup a test reseller account and added a client account under it. The template has "php options" disabled by default.
    a. Is this because only the admin/vps owner should be able to change the php options?
    b. The template has "spamfilter" NOT ENABLED by default. Shouldn't I set this to ENABLED in the template?
    c. The client details section has a checkbox for LOCKED. I searched locked client on forum but no posts appeared. Why this option?

    5. Apps & Addons > Packages. I want to use Roundcube. Shouldn't there be an add-on for this email client in this section?

    6. APS Installer. I want to use Wordpress. After reading a post here, I was taken to Do I need to become a developer in order to install Wordpress in ISPconfig? Or should I use

    Any help appreciated.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    1) no.
    2) You have to enter the settings of your server there.
    3) If you have csf, then you should not add bastille as second firewall.
    4) You can set whatever you want in the templates, thats why they exist. Nobody can tell you if you want php for a website or not, thats your choice.
    5) no
    6) neither nor. Just click on update ackages, then wait until the package list is populated, then click on wordpress in the package list and then in install.
  3. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    Kudos on quick response Tim.

    6. APS Installer. There are no available or installed packages so I'm unable to update packages. So I have to ssh to install packages, correct?
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    No. Just click on "Update packagelist" in ispconfig. The aps installer is not related to sssh.
  5. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    There is NO option to "Update packagelist" link under APS Installer in left menu. There is only Available Packages and Installed Packages and both of these are empty. I'm thinking that the packages weren't included in ISPConfig installation. What steps do I take to fix this problem so that I can install Wordpress in ISPConfig? Please be specific -- do I reinstall ISPConfig or ssh with what code to add "update packagelist" feature?

    FYI: I created the site along with a database before opening this thread. Centos 6.5 with Nginx on vps.

  6. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You have to login as admin to update the packagelist.
  7. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    Hi Till, I got Wordpress installed in the admin/root folder. :)
    1. However, I have no idea how to access Wordpress files on the server. I clicked "Sites" tab in admin and under client but there's no file manager listed. Which section tab do I click to access the file manager or can this only be accessed via ftp?
    2. Also when I try to access WP admin at I get a "Server not found" error.
    I had added the ip address under Server settings and the same ip has DNS records with the registrar.

    I want to work on the site but I'm stumped again.

  8. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    You can access them by FTP or you use the filemanegr build into wordpress or you install a webbased filemanager like pydio on your server, if you dont like ftp.

    Server not found means that you dont have a dns record for that domain or subdomain.
  9. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    Till, I never expected #1 issue and #2 problem migrating from KloxoMR to ISPConfig.
    1. I'll take a look at Pydio but I may have to settle for ftp for security reasons.

    2. The DNS records at the registrar are the same as they were when I used KloxoMR -- the ip address is the same. The only change is that I added the ip address to System > Server Config and I left the default netmask, gateway, and nameservers fields as is. I have no idea why the ip address is not resolving with ISPConfig. Should I change the gateway and nameservers to my ip address in Server Config? Is this why I'm getting "server not found?" What is the cost to look at this?

    3. Monitor. All logs in Server State are OK except the Clam anti-virus which is out-of-date. Do I update the antivirus using the APS Installer or do I need to do ssh for updates?
  10. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    These settings are not used anyway if you did not enable auto network config, so it doe snot matter for the problem.

    This is not a problem in ispconfig. If your browser tells you that the server could not be found and when the dns records are at your provider and not in ispconfig, then the problem is in the dns settngs of your provider.

    If you like to get remote login support, then please contact me at

    Youst install the operating system updates regularily by ssh. The antivirus is most likely ok, no need to update it. You can see this in the clamav log, as long as it shows that the signature database was updated, then everything is ok. Thats clamav says that it is outdated is a known false error, clamav is not able to detect that it gets patcehd with security updates by the linux distributions.
  11. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    I'm getting a "server not found" when I clicked the support link.
  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    And waht is the url of that link that you clicked? Did you check if you can ping the domain name of that url?
  13. befree22

    befree22 New Member

    1. I got a "location undefined" or "invalid host name" (pingdom) when I tried pinging the server of the link you sent me for -- view your post #10.

    2. I mentioned above that I get a "server not found" whenever I type in the domain name I added to ISPConfig. I installed Wordpress for this site that I added but I'm unable to access the site's homepage or Wordpress admin due to this error. This is odd because...there are a couple other domains pointing to this server where I installed ISPConfig and I get a "Test Page for the Nginx HTTP Server" that loads for these other domain names (see attached). The test page loaded before installed Wordpress on the domain in question but now neither the test page nor Wordpress default blog page loads due to the "server not found" error. The DNS settings for the problem domain name and other domains are the same at the registrar.
    [​IMG] [/IMG]
  14. befree22

    befree22 New Member

  15. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Sorry, the the support link is

    Server not found is a dns error, its not an issue with nginx or your wordpress install.

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