ISPConfig Roundcube Out of Office Reply / Vacation Message - Error 550: Empty envelope Sender

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  1. pssadm

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    On it. I'll dive into that and see how it all comes together. I know Google and others are taking a hard stance on phishing spammers which is good, but means we have to jump some more hurdles.

    Thanks again Till. I'll share my results on the forum when I "hopefully" figure it out. :)
  2. pssadm

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    Hi Till, I've been working on this for the past 5 days, rebuilt everything from the ground up to test it... but I still get the same results. I'm wondering if you or anyone on the forum can do a quick test as a sanity check.

    - Setup an email account with autoresponse (out of office) on your domain.
    - Send a message from a Gmail account to that email address.
    - See if your auto-response message gets back to the gmail account or if it drops with with this error:
    Thanks you kindly for the help!

    PS. I've setup proper SPF, DKIM, DMARC records and have tested them all with mxtoolbox and other checkers to ensure they are all working.
  3. till

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    Have you set an SPF record for your hostname too? I mean not the domain of the email address, I mean the server hostname.

    run the command:

    hostname -f

    to get the server hostname, you might get e.g. server123.somedomain.tld. You must set up a spf record for that specific subdomain then then, so a spf record for server123.somedomain.tld and not just somedomain.tld or the domain the email address id from that you are using.
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  4. pssadm

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    I only had an a: entry for the (barracuda) and just added the (from hostname command on ISPConfig server) record. But same behavior on auto response. Does the record look right below?

    IP's with xxx = spamfilter IP's with yyy = ispconfig server
  5. pssadm

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    :)I think I've finally got it working! Huge thanks to Till for the suggestion to add the hostname record, which seems to have been a crucial piece of the puzzle. The other issue appears to have been the way I was entering the SPF and DKIM records into DNS. Initially, I had grouped everything under the @ TXT SPF record. It was only after I added a separate TXT record for MX01 with its own SPF record that things began to function properly. Similarly, I had to create a specific entry for _dmarc in the form of _dmarc.mx01, followed by the public key entry.

    So far my initial direct test using ISPConfig on Ubuntu 20.04 with Amavis seems to work. I will wait for the new Ubuntu version of ISPConfig with Rspamd and retest before deploying on a production server!! Thanks again for the support @till and @pyte.
  6. pssadm

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    Thanks Till! I will give it a go and see how it works.

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