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Discussion in 'General' started by alexnz, Jun 18, 2006.

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    ive been reading up on the howtos for high availability apache, mysql servers with load balancers and i have a couple of questions

    aside from building up 10 servers too run a complete solution - i would like too setup ispconfig on two machines, and if one fails the other takes up responsibility with apache + mysql hosting straight away and then updates the master when it comes back online etc....

    ive read the following guides:

    with all these install guidelines could i setup the complete load balance AND/OR redunancy by using the above guides on only 2 servers? or what minimum number of servers needed too get the redunancy fully functional?

    there might be an easier way of doing this but im not sure - could i do just a direct backup from one server too another? - and if the master dies it will switch too the slave?
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    You need four machines for the Apache cluster (2 load balancers + 2 Apache nodes); you might strip them done to two nodes, as described on the UltraMonkey web site, but I didn't try that.
    Then you need another four machines for the MySQL cluster: 2 load balancers (one of them being the cluster management node) + 2 database nodes.
    I don't know if you can combine the 4 load balancers on just two machines and then put both Apache nodes and MySQL nodes on the same two machines. But even if it works, you need a third node for the MySQL cluster management node.
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    Actually I have the same question trying to put the whole apache cluster with load balancers on 2 servers. I think I can have the following setup:

    On Server1:
    - LB1
    - Apache1
    - MySQL1

    On Server2:
    - LB2
    - Apache2
    - MySQL2

    I just need server2 on hot-standby and take over when server1 fails. Server2 will be rsyncing to Server1 and use mysql replication.

    Will this scenario work?

    Alexna, have you finished your setup and can you please share your comments?
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