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    We are using ISPconfig in a single server mode . Our user is increasing and data size also increasing . We want to shift to multiserver mode due to performance and security . How can we migrate our existing user and data to multiserver mail ? if our data size is bigger such as 50 TB & user 100,000, we want to attached more mail server like mail1 mail2 mail3 is it possible or what will be our best solution . Please let us know .


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    install ispconfig on the new server and let the server join and existing setup

    on the master-server change the server_id - values related to mail in dbispconfig from the old to new server.

    transfer the mails to the new-server.

    import dbispconfig from your master-server on the client (i´m not sure if the resync-tool resyncs all related data).

    if you need a mirror-setup, define the new server as a mirror and keep your mail-data in sync (unison, dovecot, cluster-filesystem). in this case do not change the server_id´s on the master.
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    Thanks for migration solution

    Thanks for migration solution . But what we will do for the adding more mail server . for adding more storage and manage traffics.


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