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  1. bwrob

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    Hi It might help some people.
    If you need to use Ispconfig with Squirrelmail use squirrelmail plugin virtusertable to read ispconfig-postfix virtusertable.
    Using squirrelmail you can read other pop3 accounts.
    Secure and not secure login and email transfer, for not secure try to login twice.

    login like: [email protected] for the look like.

    It works.

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  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This sounds great. you mean login to squirremail is then posiible with the email address instaed of the username?
  3. bwrob

    bwrob New Member


    Install plugins below.
    Make sure personal data is filled when logged into squirrelmail
    You will have a secure logiin and transfer of email with from: real account name encoded that can be decoded by you.

    below part of config.php

    $domain = 'substr($domain, strpos($domain, '.') + 1';
    $imapServerAddress = 'localhost';
    $imapPort = 143;
    $useSendmail = false;
    $smtpServerAddress = 'localhost';
    $smtpPort = 25;
    $sendmail_path = '/usr/sbin/sendmail';
    $pop_before_smtp = false;
    $imap_server_type = 'courier';
    $invert_time = false;
    $optional_delimiter = '.';
    $encode_header_key = 'your encode code';

    $default_folder_prefix = 'INBOX.';
    $trash_folder = 'Trash';
    $sent_folder = 'Sent';
    $draft_folder = 'Drafts';
    $default_move_to_trash = true;
    $default_move_to_sent = true;
    $default_save_as_draft = true;
    $show_prefix_option = false;
    $list_special_folders_first = true;
    $use_special_folder_color = true;
    $auto_expunge = true;
    $default_sub_of_inbox = false;
    $show_contain_subfolders_option = false;
    $default_unseen_notify = 2;
    $default_unseen_type = 1;
    $auto_create_special = true;
    $delete_folder = true;
    $noselect_fix_enable = false;

    $data_dir = SM_PATH . 'data/';
    $attachment_dir = $data_dir;
    $dir_hash_level = 0;
    $default_left_size = '140';
    $force_username_lowercase = false;
    $default_use_priority = true;
    $hide_sm_attributions = false;
    $default_use_mdn = true;
    $edit_identity = true;
    $edit_name = true;
    $hide_auth_header = false;
    $allow_thread_sort = false;
    $allow_server_sort = false;
    $allow_charset_search = true;
    $uid_support = true;

    $plugins[0] = 'abook_take';
    $plugins[1] = 'administrator';
    $plugins[2] = 'calendar';
    $plugins[3] = 'filters';
    $plugins[4] = 'delete_move_next';
    $plugins[5] = 'mail_fetch';
    $plugins[6] = 'newmail';
    $plugins[7] = 'info';
    $plugins[8] = 'sent_subfolders';
    $plugins[9] = 'squirrelspell';
    $plugins[10] = 'virtusertable';
    $plugins[11] = 'compatibility';
    $plugins[12] = 'secure_login';
  4. Ovidiu

    Ovidiu Active Member

    I have been using squirrelmail for a long time, although I did not need the virtual user plugin yet.

    what I do is the following: I use a mail.* virtual domain to send anyone going to hosted on my server to go to the same login page. so both mail.domain1 and mail.domain2 point to the same squirrelmail installation, but sm notices which domain the user logged into from and the mail is then sent from that domain.

    so I had no need for the virtual user plugin, what I use is the alias login plugin, so users can pick aliases inside their personal options and pick a nick, which is then stored inside a file like: web3_admin:jack and then that user can login with jack.

    there are a lot more good plugins, just to name a few: change_passwd plugin => users can change their passwd from inside sm, quota display => they see their disk quota inside sm, and many more...

    could you make a short howto for configuring the virtual user plugin? I would like its functionality too, but it was too complicated for me so I am content with the current sm configuration....
  5. bwrob

    bwrob New Member

    Each version of Squirrelmail might have diff. plugins
    Search squirrelmail website, but remember to install
    compatability patch.
    Read $plugins[10] ='virtusertable'; and pico , nano or any other modify virtusertable config file.
    You got to point it to/etc/postfix/virtusertable
    So as you see you need a general know how to install
    squirrelmail plugins.


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