ispconfig/suse a few changes i made.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by xcam, Apr 19, 2006.

  1. xcam

    xcam New Member

    I have been going through my install and remembered that i had did a few things differently.
    1.When I did the network configuration I used the real world Ip address, instead of ie
    2.I didn't setup a virtual device and/or didnt set it to

    Those are the 2 things I didn't do according tot he install directions.

    Please let me know if I need to change my settings to the ones in the directions.

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    If you use on eof the perfect setup howtos, you will have to replace the IP addresses with your real IP address as you already done and replace the domain with a domain that points to your server. This domain shall not be used in ISPConfig to create a website. E.g. if you have a domain, you can use as server name, but not as long as you want to run a website with the domain in ISPConfig later. Otherwise you will get problems with postfix and catchall email addresses.
  3. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    The virtual device is totally optional, it's described only for the purpose that you know how to add additional IP addresses if you need it. :)
  4. xcam

    xcam New Member

    Exactly what I needed to know

    Thank you!
    So I can go in and change the server name from
    Then I will be able to use as a website. Do I need another real world ip address?

    Thank you,
    I will start fixing that and let yah know.

  5. xcam

    xcam New Member

    im confused about changing server name/location

    Do I log into ispconfig and goto managment/server settings and change domain and server name from to, and keep the real world ip address. I guess I don't change the ip ever, cuz that's the ip?Or do I need to get into yast and change something their?
    Or do I have to start over, DOH!!!

    Thank you,
    I just want to be able to have ispconfig, and have my website up at the same domain/ip address. ie. (ispconfig) (my website) JUst not sure where I do this at this point.

    Thanks Again.
  6. xcam

    xcam New Member

    changed server name and server address

    I changed them in admin server settings. I still access ispconfig at, though I changed it to
    Nothing comes up at
    I'm missing something somewhere.
  7. xcam

    xcam New Member

    had to restart server..

    Now my mysql is broken and I can't write to apache2..somethin is went bad. Will set everything back to the way it was and restart server.


  8. xcam

    xcam New Member

    fixed the server

    Ok everything is fixed.
    Can someone explain to me what I need to do and where i need to do it at to get to be a site and ispconfig to be at
    I could get another ip address from the pool. Would that help things?

  9. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Create DNS records for and both pointing to your ISPConfig server. Put in /etc/hostname and reboot the server. Then put into /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/lib/ and as ServerName in /root/ispconfig/httpd/conf/httpd.conf and restart ISPConfig:
    /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server restart
  10. xcam

    xcam New Member

    Still don't have a website @

    here's the settings I have setup in ispconfig:
    Title The Radio Werehaus
    folder Sites
    hostname www
    ip (which is the same as the server)
    create dns yes
    create dns-mx no

    Is there anything here that tells you why I am not getting a website at

    Thank you,
  11. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    I've just checked the DNS record for, it's ok. So I guess your firewall is blocking port 80? Please post the output of
    iptables -L
    Or your Apache isn't running. What's the output of
    netstat -tap
  12. xcam

    xcam New Member

    netstat info

    www:/ # netstat -tap
    Active Internet connections (servers and established)
    Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State PID/Program name
    tcp 0 0 *:filenet-rpc *:* LISTEN -
    tcp 0 0 *:nfs *:* LISTEN -
    tcp 0 0 *:27015 *:* LISTEN 10172/srcds_i686
    tcp 0 0 *:mysql *:* LISTEN 5177/mysqld
    tcp 0 0 localhost:942 *:* LISTEN 5006/fam
    tcp 0 0 *:sunrpc *:* LISTEN 4785/portmap
    tcp 0 0 *:hosts2-ns *:* LISTEN 4922/ispconfig_http
    tcp 0 0 server1.radiower:domain *:* LISTEN 19190/named
    tcp 0 0 localhost:domain *:* LISTEN 19190/named
    tcp 0 0 *:smtp *:* LISTEN 11760/master
    tcp 0 0 localhost:953 *:* LISTEN 19190/named
    tcp 0 0 *:799 *:* LISTEN 5287/rpc.rquotad
    tcp 0 0 *:vacdsm-app *:* LISTEN 5160/rpc.mountd
    tcp 0 0 *:pop3 *:* LISTEN 5065/couriertcpd
    tcp 0 0 *:imap *:* LISTEN 5021/couriertcpd
    tcp 0 0 *:www-http *:* LISTEN 12742/httpd2-prefor
    tcp 0 0 *:ssh *:* LISTEN 5457/sshd
    tcp 0 0 *:smtp *:* LISTEN 11760/master
    tcp 0 0 localhost:953 *:* LISTEN 19190/named
    tcp 0 740 server1.radiowereha:ssh threespine.uptime:56308 ESTABLISHED

    ipchains -L wants more info
  13. falko

    falko Super Moderator Howtoforge Staff

    Looks ok.

    iptables -L
    , not
    ipchains -L

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