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Discussion in 'ISPConfig 3 Priority Support' started by yupthatguy, May 26, 2021.

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    It will be great if in the future you make a plan to build a more flexible templating system. Maybe using Smarty or a similar framework with Bootstrap. Just an idea.
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    I guess you never looked at the templating and theming system. The templates are based on Bootstrap for many years (since the first ISPConfig 3.1 version) and the template engine has all features that one might want incl. several types of includes, flexible if and loop constructs, variables, etc. So not much different from Smarty, just more lightweight and faster. Besides that, the ISPConfig templating system is completely flexible, you can easily build themes that override one or more or all files, so a theme does not has to duplicate all files of the main theme incl file inheritance etc.
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    Again, in all fairness, a section about ISPConfig themeing being added to ISPConfig Manual and/or a basic, dedicated online tutorial... might have been suffice enough to avoid both my own and @Stelios questions, which in turn, would have saved you @till from having address & convey such basic/entry level information.

    Surely, not every new user of ISPconfig is expected to be able to simply "locate & look" at the template code from Day 1 of using ISPConfig and instantly know the information you just conveyed? ISPConfig has a learning curve and minimal/additional documentation in some key areas would be constructive & useful for all parties.
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    I agree that it would be nice having some docs about theming, but that's nothing for the user manual. The user manual is about using ISPConfig, so it's for administrators. Coding a theme is something totally different and normally done by a UI designer or coder, so nothing related to the normal use of the panel.

    I guess nobody who starts using ISPConfig at day 1 will start to code new themes and I doubt that anyone is able to build a theme without looking at the HTML code of the existing theme.

    And @Stelios did not ask for docs, he suggested that we shall change the theming system which makes not much sense without looking at the existing system first just to find out that Bootstrap is already used and that the template system already offers anything he suggested to us to add.

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