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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Mr_Miyagi, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. Mr_Miyagi

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    Hi, I really need some advice about this, your help is really appreciated.

    This is the scenario. I have setup ispconfig and it's properly working. I want to use ispconfig to handle email. The email adresses will be of the type [email protected].
    My problem is that I want to use another program to handle the websites at this domain ( This other program is called project coordinator and it looks pretty similar to ispconfig except that it doesn't do email.
    In ispconfig I have to create a new website and type in the domain name ( I assume this will tell apache to use this domain for webpages created within ispconfig (as well as email).
    The other program (project coordinator) will also use for it's website. It will run an apache server. So as I see it I will have to webservers running on the same domain. If it's possible to have point to one (project coordinator) and let's say point to ispconfig that would be perfect, as long as the email adresses will be [email protected].
    Is this possible (easily)? And if so how would I do this. How would I setup the DNS from within ispconfig and I guess I would have to use a virtual host for project coordinator. The project coordinator software will have to be independent of ispconfig. I have one ip-adress and one domain ( in this example).

    If you have any thoughts about this please let me hear them, I'm on a tight deadline and am not getting this to work so I'll really appreciate all input.
  2. till

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    For me "project coordinator" sounds like a project management tool and not a ISP hosting controlpanel. Are you sure that you dont mix up things here? I'am dont know any project management software that manages websites, the run on a website because they are webbased but they do not manage them.
  3. Mr_Miyagi

    Mr_Miyagi New Member

    Project Coordinator is a project management tool but it also handles websites. Seems the problem was I was trying to get it to listen on port 80, but apache already was using that port, I have now gotten one step further but have run into other problems. I have however come to the conclusion that this not an ispconfig issue anymore, I thought the two programs were both trying to use port 80 but it was just a misconfig in apache...thanks for your time.

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