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  1. Hi
    1. Can someone point's out the different of ISPCONFIG compared to WHMCS. I know some these has direct intergration to WHMCS but not sure whether ISPCONFIG works like that also.
    2. Also it is possible with the billing module that someone would automatically by domain and setup pay with a credit card and work staring away whether it is an email account or website or even a Virtual Server.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. till

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    That's as if you compare apples with pies. WHMCS is not a server control panel, WHMCS is a customer backend / shop system / for hosters, so WHMCS is not able to configure servers itself, while ISPConfig is a server Control panel to manage servers.

    So you can compare ISPCOnfig with e.g. Plesk, Cpanel or DirctAdmin (which are all server Control Panels) but you cant compare any of them with WHMCS as thats a different kind of Software. You can use the WHMCS customer backend and shop with ISPConfig, in the same way that you can use it with Plesk etc. See ISPConfig WHMCS Plugin.

    The Billing Module is a ISPConfig addon to invoice customers for their hosting services. It provides a API so you can integrate it into your website to automate all processes. It does not contain a ready made shop frontend for your website yet.
  3. Thanks Till for the valuable information.

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