ISPconfig3 -> cannot select server during mail domain creation anymore!

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mccyberix, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. till

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    Thats ok. A master server has no master user as it is the master itself. Only slave servers have setup a master server connection.
  2. mccyberix

    mccyberix Member

    ok, nothing seems to help me out... I think I will start to build the whole thing up again :( does deleting the slave server bring the master in a single server state? Is there maybe an easier way to build it up again or do I really have to start from scratch... Maybe I could bring the master into a single server state, then build up a new slave and configure a fresh multiserver setup... I'm out of ideas, would a payment subscription help me out to repair the whole thing? Since my servers are in a production environment I have only limited time to fix that up.

  3. mccyberix

    mccyberix Member

    I have assigned manually the server Id's in the db and then I'm able to use the new mail domain/box, its really pitty because I'm shure its just a little config issue and therefore I have to build the whole cluster from scratch again...
  4. mccyberix

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    I have found out what was the issue, under server services both servers were set to mirror each other, after setting just the slave as mirror of master the value in the selectbox came back and I'm now able to create new domains :)

    thank you all for support!

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