? ISPconfig3 DNServer under dynamic IP ?

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by u4david, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Is is possible to have dynamic IP working with/on top of ISPconfig3 DNS server?
    I did my research but I did not got any useful answer.

    I have moved from residence where I had static ip in to new residence where this option is not available/expensive.
    My server Ubuntu/ispconfig3 was configured to host about 8 domains.
    I loved the build in functions of my server. I enjoy to have my own DNServer that allowed me to have all configurations of all records done locally and with minimal propagation times(60sec.). The flexibility of my own DNS is my focus here. I would like to preserve it under dynamic IP if possible.

    In my new residence I have dynamic ip.
    Is there a way to utilize http://freedns.afraid.org/ and achive the same flexibility within my server ?

    Resources available OpenWRT router(have ddns client), account at freedns.afraid.org,root access to all devices within my network, intermediate linux related know how, patience and determination.

    Thank you so much.
  2. u4david

    u4david New Member

    Now I have ns4.mydomain.com and ns5.mydomain.com set up to auto-update the dynamic IP and point to my server.(it works.... message is displayed using the ns4 and ns5 sub-domains)
    And the auto update was tested to make sure its will stay pointing that way.

    The question is now what do I have to have in ISPconfig # DNS record so all flows as needed.

    (Right now I'm using the ns1.afraid.org ns2.afraid.org(DDNS service) in mydomain.com domain name provider under name servers config. Wonder if that should be my ns4.mydomain.com and ns5.mydomain.com instead.)
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