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    Hi All,

    I've only just set up ISPConfig3 in Ubuntu 14.04 using the perfect server guide ( Lets say my server is called

    I have purchased a second server (, and would like it to be a standalone mirror of the first one. That is, it is a mirror in config and files, but can standalone if the first one goes down, and changes made to server2 equally populate to server1 and vice versa.

    I intend that server1 will also be known as, and server2 will be

    I notice there is an option to select ispconfig to be a mirror of another server. Would this be sufficient to use? There is a guide to setting up a mirror on Debian 6, but then I am not running Debian 6, and also I don't want to have a cluster, I want each server to be standalone-capable as well as mirrored.

    Please advise, I guess I'm a bit of a newb with a lot of this.

    Also, I can't seem to run the htf-common-issues.php script. It throws up errors about expecting parameters to be resources where they're boolean, and denied permissions despite running as sudo. Let me know if you need the output, and I'll try and track the problem down.


    P.S - massive props to the devs for such an amazing product, and one that comes complete with how-tos for idiots like me. top work.
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