ISPConfig3 on tap sites i can't see the my new web

Discussion in 'General' started by pinguinito, May 6, 2009.

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    With permission of the community and apologize for my ignoranse on the subject, but I have a problem, for many is probably a stupid problem, but not for me. Thanks to falko of the how to install my ispconfig3, ok, I installed Elgg domain to which all are invited, even the insulated site (install error at admin (client0) web1. Today I was trying to install roundcube as >> client0, did not work. MY problem: "NOW I CANt SEE as ADMIN IN the tap sites my web, but is working properly

    a need help I need to be able to see my web site in the sites tap and i cant see it
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  2. till

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    What do you mean with site tap?
  3. pinguinito

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    As Admin in my section sites i will be able to see all my web all ready created, by the way i just have one , but i cant see it in my panel control as admin > sites. { the web site is working perfect but from my ispconfig panel i cant see it

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