Issues with custom File Manager Development for ISPConfig

Discussion in 'General' started by Finco, Jun 3, 2020.

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    I'd say this is a good point from a businessman side, though one thing I should already add is that, ISPConfig is an open source software where anybody can contribute to make it better but most of them do not, though they enjoy a lot of benefits from it. Cheers.
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    in that case, I think some modifications to net2ftp would be enough.
    it can already be installed on each webserver, and used as customerdomain.tld/webftp, with it requesting manual entry ftp or ssh authentication details depending on which connection method they want to use. and will already provide an end-user with ftp or ssh access even if their local firewall is blocking those port.
    so then all that's required is the link in the control panel connects them to the net2ftp instance on the correct webserver and automatically logs them in with the correct credentials. ideally, those are not sent in cleartext, or included as part of the url.

    the ftp user would need to be created and stored outside of ispconfig though, with the ftp account creation triggered by ispconfig's initial creation of the vhost, since the client limits may specify an ftp user limit of zero, or they may already have filled their user limit, creating the ftp user in ispconfig would also mean the end-user would be able to delete the ftp account created for this purpose, rendering the filemanager unusable.
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    Thank you....
    I just checked out net2FTP and I'm feeling so bad I didn't come across it before putting so much effort in building a custom FTP web client :(.

    Thank you for the suggestion though. Already working on it.


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